The first three episodes of All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur dropped on Amazon Prime yesterday.

Following in the footsteps of Manchester City’s eight-episode series following the 2017/18 season, the documentary offers an insight into life at an elite football club.

It is basically the Jose Mourinho show so far. His arrival at Spurs is the central story and he relishes being at the heart of the access-all-areas drama.

But beyond the one-on-one chats, grand speeches and attempts to toughen up his new squad, something else caught the eye of some on Twitter.

In one scene, Mourinho has his laptop wired up to a screen so he can present to his squad in a team meeting.

Eagle-eyed viewers spotted the icon for Football Manager 2020 on his desktop.

For most, the immersive, compulsive, frustrating simulator is as close as they’ll get to managing an elite football club.

Does Mourinho do it for real and then go home and play the game in his downtime?

Of course, the reality may not be as interesting. It might not be Mourinho’s computer that was used for the presentation.

In fact, it more than likely wasn’t. The chances are it was an analyst’s computer, who put together the clips Mourinho showed to his players.

That won’t stop some fans on Twitter jumping to the conclusion, though.

It might cheer them to think that one of the best managers in the history of the game plays the same game which has robbed many hours and days from amateur gaffers across the world.

Even if it’s probably not the case.

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