Is Joel McHale in Fortnite? Fans convinced he voices the Scientist

Eve Edwards December 5, 2021
Is Joel McHale in Fortnite? Fans convinced he voices the Scientist

Fortnite fans all around the world joined together to watch “The End,” Chapter 2’s big blow-out conclusion.

While Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character reveal was one of the stream’s big surprises, it could be that there is another Hollywood star now in the mix.

Fans of the game are embracing their inner detectives to figure out whether Joel McHale is the voice behind the Scientist skin.

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Joel McHale’s Fortnite connection

You might know Joel McHale as Jeff Winger in Community or from his appearances on The Masked Singer. But true fans of Joel’s will know that he is a proper Fortnite fan.

The actor spoke of his love for the game back in June 2019 during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. Joel said in the interview: “My boys love Fortnite […] I am not good at all.” But although he claims to not be the best player, Joel McHale was invited to play in the Fortnite Summer Block Party tournament back in 2019. He took his sons along and they met with some famous Fortnite players such as Loserfruit and Aydan.

Joel shared a snapshot of his time at the tournament to Instagram:

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Fortnite fans play detective

During the Fortnite Chapter 2 stream, many fans were surprised to hear celebrity voice cameos. While the biggest surprise came from The Rock, many other fans were convinced they could hear Joel McHale taking on the voice of the Scientist.

One fan tweeted: “Everyone talking about the rock as the foundation in Fortnite, but I see no one mention the fact that Joel Mchale was The scientist during the event.” Joel previously voiced the Scientist in Season X.

Another stated that they were “losing [their] mind” over the celebrity appearances.

One fan even created a video comparing Joel McHale’s voice and that of the Scientist’s in Fortnite:

Joel seemingly confirmed that he did feature in the latest Fortnite event in an Instagram Story. On Saturday, 4 November 2021, Joel reposted a publicist’s image of the event claiming that “the suit fit [him] perfectly!” The publicist posted a separate Instagram thanking Joel McHale and The Rock for their appearance at the event, confirming they both provided the voices.

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Which other celebrities appeared in Fortnite Chapter 2?

The Rock made his Fortnite debut voicing The Foundation, but there were several other actors who appeared in the Chapter 2 event.

Voiceover actress Mara Junot, who recently starred in Netflix’s Arcane, voices Slone. Troy Baker, known for voicing Batman and Joker in the Lego animated movies, reprised his role of John Jone. Sarah Elmaleh also returned to Fortnite as the voice of the Cube Queen.

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