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What happened between JiDion and Pokimane on recent Twitch stream?

Bruno Cooke January 13, 2022
What happened between JiDion and Pokimane on recent Twitch stream?


Pokimane ended a Twitch stream early yesterday because, she said, people on JiDion’s stream were “whispering” people on hers. Is JiDion banned as a result and, if so, for how long? When did Pokimane return to streaming after her own 48-hour ban earlier this month?

What happened between JiDion and Pokimane yesterday?

A separate Twitch user clipped part of Pokimane’s live stream in which she tells her viewers she’s “gonna end the stream”.

“As much as I can deal with this,” she says, “I don’t like that people from his (JiDion’s) stream are whispering people on my stream.

“I’ll put up with the bullsh*t but I don’t want you guys to put up with the bullsh*t, OK?”

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Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage

A couple of seconds later, she ended the stream. In the seconds before she cut off, Pokimane received numerous messages assuring her it was OK, with many containing the word “sadge” (expressing sadness).

Why did Pokimane end her Twitch stream early? JiDion beef explained

In conversation with fellow streamer Adin Ross, JiDion claimed the reason Pokimane ended her stream was because he reminded her of her “use of racial slurs in the past”.

Inven Global, meanwhile, claimed what happened was a “hate raid”.

JiDion’s YouTube bio reads: “I like 2 mess with strangers”. He tweeted on 5 January requesting others to send him “funny dares/pranks” – HITC labels him a “prankster”.

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But Wednesday’s prank, if you can call it that, may have overstepped the mark. For her part, per a screenshot from another Twitter user, Pokimane tweeted: “It baffles me when other streamers don’t stand up against blatant harassment and misogyny.”

Adin Ross told JiDion that Pokimane was the “queen of Twitch”, which led JDion to reply in the video linked above: “Pokimane’s gonna get me banned.” He then asks Ross to DM Pokimane with the message: “It’s bigger than black or white.”

It’s not clear whether Ross actually sent the message but, shortly afterwards, JiDion (real name: Demarcus Cousins) tweeted the phrase “It’s bigger then (sic) black and white”, with a screenshot of a notice informing him of his Twitch suspension.

He also changed his profile picture to Pokimane’s face.

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How long is JiDion banned from Twitch for and when did Pokimane start streaming again?

The length of JiDion’s Twitch suspension is 14 days.

He later released a video in which he screams, “Why? Why?” and “I love you, I love you” at the camera while music plays in the background. He then tells his viewers how much he admires Pokimane, that he’s drunk, and that God is the “only man I fear”.

Pokimane recently returned to streaming after a 48-hour Twitch suspension for streaming parts of Avatar: The Last Airbender. She returned on 10 January.

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