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Why is JiDion banned from Twitch? Dramatic Twitter reaction explored

Molly Young January 14, 2022
Why is JiDion banned from Twitch? Dramatic Twitter reaction explored

American-based YouTuber, social media personality and Twitch streamer JiDion was recently involved in an online feud with another popular streamer, Pokimane. 

The dispute led to Twitch suspending JiDion’s account. We delve into the reason behind his suspension and explore how long it’s due to last. How did the content creator respond to the consequence?

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Why is JiDion banned from Twitch?

JiDion was banned from live streaming service Twitch after accusations of harassing Pokimane, as reported by Inven Global.

On 12 January 2022, Pokimane ended a Twitch stream early because she claimed people on JiDion’s stream were “whispering” people on hers.

Whispering” is a way to DM someone you see in chat on Twitch and serves as a great way to chat privately without needing to move to a different platform.

JiDion claimed to fellow streamer Adin Ross the reason Pokimane ended her stream was because he reminded her of the “use of racial slurs in the past“.

However, Inven Global branded what happened a “hate raid”, a type of co-ordinated harassment.

JiDion is widely known as a “prankster”, as reported by HITC, and the YouTuber’s bio states he likes to “mess with strangers”.

Explore the streamer’s dramatic Twitter reaction

When he was informed of his ban from the platform, @Jidion6 took to Twitter with a screenshot of the notification informing him of his Twitch suspension and claimed the situation was “bigger then black and white”.

He also changed his Twitter profile pic to Pokimane’s face and later released a video in which he contradicted his previous behaviour. JiDion told fans in a live stream how much he admires Pokimane.

JiDion later shared a tweet in which he told followers his comeback stream would be “something pressure”.

He seemed to have come to terms with his suspension by the time he tweeted: “See y’all on Twitch in 13 days. I don’t need this attention to grow, I got y’all boys. Gonna speak to the Pogger community when I’m unbanned. Until then, we’re back to where we started.”

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How long is the suspension due to last?

JiDion’s Twitch suspension is set to last 14 days, starting 13 January. The streamer should therefore return to Twitch on Wednesday, 26 January.

Pokimane was also suspended from Twitch for streaming parts of Avatar: The Last Airbender. She returned from her 48-hour suspension on 10 January.

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