Hogwarts Legacy trailer voice and cast list explored as gameplay lands

Bruno Cooke March 18, 2022
Hogwarts Legacy trailer voice and cast list explored as gameplay lands


Audiences got a proper look at Hogwarts Legacy gameplay today, with a full 14 minute State Of Play video. Among other things, it introduces a roster of new characters, and some of those working behind the scenes. What do we know about Hogwarts Legacy’s cast of voice actors – if anything – and does Portkey Games’ previous release provide any clues?

Who narrated the Hogwarts Legacy trailer?

PlayStation revealed Hogwarts Legacy’s official trailer in 2021 – the voice actor who narrated it was likely recognisable to many

In the US, Jim Dale is the voice of the Harry Potter audiobooks. He’s recorded all seven books in the series, and won several awards in the process. 

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Hogwarts Legacy – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

Hogwarts Legacy – Official Reveal Trailer | PS5

So when the Hogwarts Legacy trailer landed, while there were some who mistook Dale’s voice for David Attenborough’s – or who were disappointed when it wasn’t Stephen Fry’s – most clocked that it was Jim.

But Hogwarts Legacy’s trailer didn’t contain any other voices, only that of its narrator. The gameplay footage released yesterday, however, contains several conversations between characters.

Have Hogwarts Legacy’s game developers revealed anything about the game’s cast of voice actors?

Alas, no. IMDB lists several individuals under Hogwarts Legacy’s “full cast and crew”, but none of them is a voice actor. Check it periodically if you’d like to be among the first in the know.

So far, game developers Avalanche Software and publishers Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment (under the Portkey Games label) have yet to reveal any of the voice actors who have contributed to Hogwarts Legacy.

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Source: YouTube [Warner Bros. Games]

However, Fandom lists the names of several Hogwarts students and staff – as well as two individuals listed under “other” – who appear in the Legacy trailer and/or gameplay.

The students’ names are Natsai Onai, Poppy Sweeting and Sebastian Sallow; the two named Hogwarts staff are Eleazar Fig and Cuthbert Binns; and finally, characters Ranrok and Victor Rookwood are among those introduced via Hogwarts Legacy’s gameplay footage release.

Portkey Games previously released Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery with numerous familiar voice actors

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery came out in 2018. 

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Set in broadly the same timeline as the Harry Potter books and films we’ve come to love, it featured among its all-star cast of voice actors: Maggie Smith (as Professor McGonagall), Michael Gambon (Professor Dumbledore), Warwick Davis (Professor Flitwick) and Zoë Wanamaker (Madam Hooch), among others.

But Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 1800s. That means a whole new raft of characters, and (presumably) a brand new cast. Stay tuned for more.

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