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Did the Friday Night Funkin’ creator get cancelled, or was it ‘copypasta’?

Bruno Cooke February 24, 2021
friday night funkin creator cancelled

Friday Night Funkin’ creator Ninjamuffin99 (Twitter: @ninja_muffin99) caused controversy with a number of tweets in 2018, and several more in 2020. Meanwhile, copypasta are circulating on Reddit and Twitter about the Friday Night Funkin’ creator being “cancelled”. So, what happened?

Is the Friday Night Funkin’ creator cancelled?

In a Twitter thread dated 7 February 2021, user @heartgummi posted several screenshots of Friday Night Funkin’ creator, Ninjamuffin99’s tweets.

The post features several trigger warnings, namely for anti-black racism, antisemitism, transphobia and paedophilia. Its central message is accusing the Friday Night Funkin’ creator of racism and transphobia, and asking for them to be cancelled.

@heartgummi’s post asks, “does no one remember that the creator of friday night funkin has said stuff like this?”. It has received thousands of retweets, quote tweets and likes.

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Twitter apology and response

The same thread also cited an apology on the subject that Ninjamuffin99 had posted on 12 January. The apology stated: “hey i just wanna keep it real, I really am truly sorry for the dumb shitty awful s*** I said in tweets ages ago”. 

“I’m sorry that I disappointed you all”, Ninjamuffin99 continued, “and whoever else looked up to not only Friday Night Funkin’ but I’m sorry to whoever looked up to me personally”. 

The thread continues. However, for the user that called out the tweets, Ninjamuffin99 “should NOT just be getting a slap on the wrist for it”. 

In other words, they believe the Friday Night Funkin’ creator’s apology does not suffice to address the concerns raised.

Other responses to Friday Night Funkin’ cancellation

YouTube gamer TheJessLyfe posted a video on 8 February called FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ WAS MADE BY A RACIST!! DO NOT ASK ME TO PLAY IT! 

The video has divided opinion – it has an almost 50/50 split for Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down.

Meanwhile, following the revelations, Twitter user Quinncy Sama has put a call out for black creators and artists to remake the game concept, 

Throwing ‘copypasta’ into the mix – what are copypasta?

Amid all the individual complaints and petitions is a “copypasta”, written in the voice of a particularly militant canceller. 

Copypasta are chunks of copied and pasted text that circulate throughout the internet – similar to spam.

One in particular has received a lot of attention on Twitter. While its message aligns broadly with that of those criticising Ninjamuffin99, the creator of Friday Night Funkin’, the reactions to it may belie its disingenuousness.

For example, one user wrote: “this scared me until i realized it’s a copypasta”.

Another expressed raw confusion.

A subreddit devoted to archiving copypasta features the paragraph, with the title Friday Night Funkin Cancelled.

During the month it has been online, it has garnered a range of responses. One captured the sense of boredom with which some internet users receive Twitter cancellations: “I’m sick of Twitter they cancel everything and I’m sick of it”.

Similarly, in a thread on forum, user mystery baguette concluded: “ninjamuffin and the friday night funkin team, you deserve a break i hope everything bodes well for all of you in the future”. 

Nevertheless, some Twitter users are sticking with their guns and calling out the tweets for what they contained. 

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