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How to play Foodle, the Wordle spin-off based on all things food

Amber Peake May 7, 2022


A new food-inspired Wordle spin-off Foodle has launched, and it has already taken over TikTok.

While you may be familiar with the popular word game, Wordle, there’s a new food-inspired spin-off for all you foodies.

Following the popularity of Josh Wardle’s Wordle, many spin-off versions emerged online. Chances are if you have thought of it, it’s probably already out there.

The latest appears to be Foodle, with some word game fans now curious to know more about it. We explore how to play the game as it grows in popularity on TikTok.

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Introducing Wordle spin-off Foodle

If you’re a foodie, this wordle spin-off may be the one for you!

Similar to Wordle, Foodle users have to try and guess the daily word, but the game has a food theme meaning only five lettered related words can be inputted.

The food-inspired word game was created by developer Daniel Anyanwoke. Last month Anyanwoke shared an update on the game’s popularity as he explained the site had hit over 500,000 users:

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How to play Foodle

Similar to Wordle, Foodle players start the game by entering a five-letter word of their choice. However, the word must, of course, be food-related otherwise, it cannot be successfully entered. Some possible words to get you started could be salad, sauce or berry.

If you guess a five lettered food-related word that is not a part of the game’s existing word list, you can also suggest it to be added.

Players will then will have six tries to guess the Foodle daily word correctly. A new Foodle answer is added each day.

You can check out Foodle for yourself here.

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The food-based word game has already taken over TikTok

Instead of sharing answer grids that Wordle users will be familiar with, Foodle users have begun sharing their daily gameplay on video-sharing platform TikTok:

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