How to play Evil Wordle aka the word game's wicked twin

Amber Peake March 22, 2022
How to play Evil Wordle aka the word game's wicked twin


Looking for Wordle alternatives to add to your growing list of daily word guessing games, Evil Wordle may be one for you.

You may have seen the many alternatives to the classic game that have popped up over the last few months, but have you heard of Evil Wordle, aka the wicked twin of the word game.

We take a look at how to play the alternative of the classic word game as users’ results take over Twitter.

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What is Evil Wordle?

As explained on the Evil Wordle site, it is the “evil twin” of the popular word guessing game.

It was created by Ravi Parikh, who, according to his Twitter bio, has a background in tech, having co-founded software development company Airplane and previously Heap, a digital experience building company.

Evil Wordle is not the only Wordle themed game Parikh has created. He also created Shaple, a rotating shape game that sees users match the correct shape to the featured one.

The evil edition of the word guessing game was first released in January and since then has featured in lists ranking the different variations of Wordle by Paste Magazine, Dexerto and Pedestrian.

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How does Evil Wordle work?

Evil Wordle starts off the same as most Wordle like games where the user inputs a random five-letter word of their choice.

However, unlike Wordle, there is no default word that users are guessing. Instead, the game works by assessing user guesses to find an answer that matches the pattern of the answered words.

Users are not limited to a particular amount of guesses, and as explained on the word game’s site, the aim is to “maximize” how many guesses it takes you.

The game can also be tailored to users’ preferences as there are options to change the word length to six, you can opt to have the game timed, change the display and even turn the evil mode off.

You can check out Evil Wordle for yourself here.

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Word game alternative takes over Twitter

As users play the evil alternative of Wordle, many have begun sharing their results to Twitter, meaning once again, the microblogging platform has become flooded with coloured answer grids:

Wordle fans may be familiar with the growing list of Wordle alternatives which include everything from the Pokemon-themed Squirdle to Taylor Swift inspired Taylordle.

Some Twiter users have admitted Evil Wordle has made its way to their daily guessing game list:

Another even admitted the game is the only alternative for them:

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