Twitch personality Eret wore a strawberry dress for his latest stream, in an attempt to break gender roles. During the 3 hour live video, he unboxed and tried on the frilly strawberry dress to fans’ delight.

Who is The Eret?

Eret is a Twitch personality who made his streaming debut in 2019 and now has more than 315,000 followers on the platform. In just a year, his videos – and especially his abundance of Minecraft livestreams – have gained massive popularity with Twitch users.

Though many fans apparently think Eret is his real name, the gamer has revealed he’s actually called Alastair. That’s it – he hasn’t shared his last name online.


He did share, however, the story behind his Twitch name – Eret – in a tweet from this August:

Alastair, aka Eret, was born in England on 9 January 1999, and is 21 years old. His Twitch bio says: “British guy. Deep voice. Chill vibes. Gaming. Bi. That’s all you need to know.”.

He is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and has shown this in his latest video, by putting on a pink, strawberry pattern, dress and waving the bisexual flag. For those of you who don’t know, that’s red, purple and blue.

Along with his strawberry dress video, Eret’s other notable projects include a collaboration with Twitch creator GeorgeNotFound. Both George and Eret are members of Dream Team, a YouTube account dedicated to pushing the limits in the Minecraft universe.

Eret’s strawberry dress video

Eret has a PO box address, where fans can send him things that he then shows off on his social media or in video streams. So far, he’s received a pair of 7 inch-heel boots, a pumpkin and, of course, the strawberry dress.

Eret was so happy with his strawberry dress, that he decided to do an entire unboxing video with it. Along with looking fabulous and thanking his fan, the point of the video was to break gender roles and help people feel more comfortable with gender fluidity.

According to one of Eret’s latest Twitter posts: “All to send the message: “F*** gender roles!” and a new hashtag to kickstart the trend: #eretdress. The video itself has over 200,000 views on Twitch and has been shared across social media.

Fans react to the strawberry dress

Fans have gone wild over the video and new hashtag, with over 200 Instagram posts on Instagram showing fan art of Eret in the strawberry dress.

Fans on Twitter have also been vocal about showing their support:

Throughout the 3 hour live stream (Which can be watched here), fans’ comments of support overflowed – so much so, that Eret had to disable notifications before continuing his live stream.

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