Is Corpse Husband cancelled? Twitter drama explained

Bruno Cooke November 24, 2020
Is Corpse Husband cancelled? Twitter drama explained

Is Corpse Husband cancelled? The Twitter cancel hammer half-hangs over the horror YouTuber, who has come under flak for reading an offensive word as part of a fan-submitted story. The reaction is being described as a ‘soft cancel’.

Corpse Husband is no stranger to horror

Reading horror stories has been Corpse’s main genre for years. He mines Reddit and other feeds for real life horror stories, or reads stories sent to him directly by fans. Since he started, he has accrued almost 3 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Recently, Corpse started to play Among Us with big-hitting YouTubers like Pewdiepie (107m subs) and Michael Reeves (5.36m subs). Once he was included in Pewdiepie’s feed, Corpse has received huge amounts of attention on social media, including DMs from fans.

Read about his fabled unmasking here.

Why is Corpse Husband ‘cancelled’?

Corpse Husband reads real life horror stories sent directly to him by his fans. Allegedly, a year ago a trans person sent in a story about a transphobic Christian woman who, among other things, verbally abused her. In the story, the trans woman in called a slur typically used against gay women.

Corpse has since removed the video, but it is referenced in two commentary videos here (with screenshots) and here.

Corpse Husband reacted to the accusations with a short (audio only) post on his Twitter feed at 5:29 GMT, 18 October. In it, he argues that, in reading the offending story in its entirety, he “wanted to show the struggles of what trans people go through”. He states openly, “I support trans people.”

At the end of the video, Corpse thanks “the people trying to teach me about this,” and apologises for any offence caused.

Twitter reacts to Corpse Husband soft cancel

Many fans and commentators have come out in support of Corpse Husband being cancelled. One argues that it’s “telling of today’s society” that an emerging YouTuber should be targeted in this way:

One Twitter labeled herself ‘corpsesexual’ in solidarity with Corpse, going so far as to change their Twitter handle to back it up:

But this Twitter user’s summary seems closest to the consensus view:

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