How to take part in Cookie Run: Kingdom’s 2022 April Fools event

Bruno Cooke March 31, 2022
How to take part in Cookie Run: Kingdom’s 2022 April Fools event


Shroomie Shenanigans! is the 2022 Cookie Run: Kingdom April Fools event – here’s everything you need to know about how to play it, when it ends, and what rewards you can win.

Cooke Run: Kingdom April Fools 2022 start and end dates

Shroomie Shenanigans! is a limited-time event. Alongside Transformation Time! Find All The Looks, it is Cookie Run: Kingdom’s way of celebrating April Fools 2022.

It started today (Thursday, 31 March), and will run for two weeks, ending on Thursday, 14 April.

Taking part is easy. Some of the missions available for Shroomie Shenanigans! participants involve producing Goods and Materials, and performing daily Kingdom activities. But be warned: many require specific Cookies to complete.

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Source: YouTube [Cookie Run: Kingdom]

Transformation Time! Find All The Looks runs alongside Shroomie Shenanigans! – they both start and end on the same dates. 

What is the premise of the events?

No April Fools event would be complete without an April Fools prank. And Cookie Run’s is no exception.

The Shroomie Shenanigans! event’s premise is that Poison Mushroom Cookie and Liquorice Cookie are wreaking havoc in the kingdom of Cookie Run.

They are using Rainbow Shroomies to turn other Cookies into humans, or other forms. Each Cookie undergoes a unique transformation when it consumes a Rainbow Shroomie. Styles vary. Some emerge as anime figures, others as classical paintings.

Cookie Run: Kingdom has been posting about the April Fools event’s Shroomie Shenanigans! transformations on Twitter – see one such below.

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How to take part in the Shroomie Shenanigans! and Transformation Time! April Fools events

To take part in Cookie Run: Kingdom’s April Fools 2022 event, all you need to do is complete event tasks. Fandom currently lists 39 available Shroomie Shenanigans! event tasks. 

Some require that you use a specific Cookie. Some involve crafting, some cooking; the last on Fandom’s list has a reward of 500 Rainbow Cubes and five Rainbow Shroomies – craft 20 Candy Flowers to complete it.

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Ten Percent | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Ten Percent | Official Trailer | Prime Video

When you complete a task, you’ll receive the reward. Every event rewards at least one Rainbow Shroomie. “Play a prank” on one of your Cookies by feeding it the Rainbow Shroomie, and see what it transforms into!

Take part in the Transformation Time! Find All The Looks limited-time event simply by revealing your Cookies’ new looks.

If you’re OK with spoilers, take a peek at some of the Cookies from the Shroomie event via Reddit here.

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