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‘Chobblesome’ meaning explored as Grian premieres The Broken Bridge

Bruno Cooke June 24, 2022
chobblesome meaning


Minecraft YouTuber Grian has been a member of, and contributor to, whitelisted server Hermitcraft since its sixth season started in July 2018.

In the 14th episode of season 9, which was published online yesterday (23 June 2022), Grian coined the word “chobblesome”, the meaning of which puzzled some of his fellow players – not to mention his followers.

The popularity and ubiquity of Minecraft among people of all ages has led to the publication of several Minecraft vocabulary lists and glossaries.

Whether “chobblesome” makes it into any of these remains to be seen – but what is the meaning of the word?

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‘Chobblesome’ meaning explained as Grian’s The Broken Bridge airs

In Season 9 episode 14 of Hermitcraft, The Broken Bridge, Grian introduces audiences to the word “chobblesome”.

He defines “chobblesome” as “something to be positively talked about” – it’s an adjective, the meaning of which is similar to “noteworthy” or “remarkable”.

Grian goes on to talk about how chobblesome his base is. He then uses the word with fellow Minecraft YouTuber Beef (or VintageBeef). 

Rendog (or Ren for short) is suspicious upon hearing it. Impulse takes it in his stride. It’s a classic episode of Hermitcraft.

Source: YouTube [Grian]

It has since been added to Urban Dictionary and Wikipedia – sort of

According to multiple Reddit posts on the word, “chobblesome” is now on Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary.

However, the Dutch Wikipedia page on the word no longer exists, and it’s not yet on the English-language version of Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, it does appear to have existed for a short time – in Dutch. Several users commenting on a Reddit forum on the topic initially described the creation of the Wikipedia page as, you guessed it, chobblesome.

It’s also on Urban Dictionary, pending approval. Note, however, that the Reddit post advertising the fact was removed from the website – at least temporarily – for breaking the forum’s seventh rule: “Do not spoil Grian’s new videos within the past two days.”

Source: YouTube [Grian]

What does it take to officially define a new word?

The English language gets bigger (almost) every day. 

Merriam-Webster added 455 words to its dictionary for October 2021, many of which owe their existence to online communities. 

Some are abbreviations (such as “TBH” or “FTW”); others are adaptations of previous words (such as the word “because” meaning “because of”, as in, “the process works because science” – note the absent preposition); some new words become new words because the world starts using them en masse, such as covid-related words (think “super-spreader” and “vaccine passport”).

“Just as the language never stops evolving, the dictionary never stops expanding,” MW writes. “Our latest list brings together both new and likely familiar words that have shown extensive and established use.”

So that seems to be the prerequisite: extensive and established use. For the meaning of “chobblesome” to be formally inscribed, therefore, more people need to use it, and over a longer period of time.

GRID Legends | Ford TFZ-P1 Announcement Trailer

GRID Legends | Ford TFZ-P1 Announcement Trailer

Grian fans already attached to ‘chobblesome’ and its meaning

“The fact chobblesome is basically a word now is, itself, chobblesome.” That’s the hot take of one Reddit user commenting on a post in the r/grian subreddit.

“It’s perfect because that’s a term that deserves a word,” writes another. “And I don’t think one existed before today. That’s some chobblesome news if I ever heard some.”

But as a third user notes, the stated meaning of chobblesome – “to be worthy of discussion” – is very close to that of “noteworthy” or “remarkable”. Both words describe something that merits talking about – that is worth noting, or remarking on. Nevertheless, it’s captured a moment.

“I love your base,” Grian says in the video. “It’s very chobblesome.” “I know,” comes the reply from Impulse. “Thanks.”

Watch the whole video below:

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