What does it mean to catch 3 of the transform Pokemon?

Danny Munro April 1, 2022
What does it mean to catch 3 of the transform Pokemon?
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Pokemon has released the details of the challenges available as part of this year’s 2-Oh?-22 event, but what is a Transform Pokemon? And what’s the meaning of the instruction to catch 3 of them?

For those who love the everyday adventure of Pokemon Go, there are several rewards up for grabs throughout all of today.

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What is a transform Pokemon and what does it mean to catch 3 of them?

1 April may be a day full of pranks and wind-ups, but this year’s April Fool’s Day Pokemon Go challenge is no joke.

As of 12 am this morning, players all over the world have been given 24 hours to carry out up to three different tasks in order to cash in on a range of Pokemon prizes.

One task appears to have caught some fans up though. As always, players can carry out research in order to gain special items.

Those who complete the second research storyline, however, will have to catch 3 so-called “Transform Pokemon”. The meaning of this instruction was lost on a lot of players.

What is a Transform Pokemon? Well, in this instance the Transform Pokemon is Ditto who is named that way because of his ability to shapeshift into other characters.

If you wish to catch a Ditto in order to claim the prize of 5 super potions, there are plenty of characters to look for – as Ditto can transform into Ekans, Gastly, Natu, Surskit, Finneon, Lillipup, Dwebble, and Swirlix.

If you are to have a chance of catching Ditto, keep your eyes peeled for any of these characters!

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Pokemon’s 2022 April Fool’s event explored and prizes you can win

Aside from Ditto, there are plenty of other challenges you can interact with during 2-Oh?-22.

This month’s special research tasks can be completed at any time in April, but only if they are unlocked by the player today – so you must make sure to log in today if you want access.

The research tasks have been split up into three sections, each containing three tasks that all have their own individual awards. An additional overall reward will be given after three tasks have been completed.

Special Research one tasks and rewards:

  • Catch 10 Pokemon – 25 Pokeball
  • Catch 5 normal-type Pokemon – 5 potions
  • Make 5 nice throws – 5 Nanab berries
  • Special Research 1 rewards: 1000 Stardust, 15 Ditto Candy, 5 Razz Berries.

Special Research two tasks and rewards:

  • Catch 10 Pokemon – 15 great balls
  • Catch 3 transform Pokemon – 5 super portions
  • Transfer 10 Pokemon – 5 Pinap berries
  • Step 2 rewards: 1500 XP, 15 Ditto Candies, 1 Silver Pinap Berry.

Special Research three tasks and rewards:

  • Claim reward – 10 ultra balls
  • Claim reward – 5 hyper portions
  • Claim reward – 3500 XP
  • Step 3 rewards: 3000 Stardust, 15 Ditto Candies, Encounter Ditto.

How are players getting on so far?

As the tasks have been live for a few hours now, players from all corners of the globe will have had the chance to do some exploring and maybe even catch their mysterious 3 Transform Pokemon.

Some players have taken to Twitter to show off their finds:

Well, what are you waiting for? Get searching!

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