Everyone knows how good Borderlands is. So when you’re getting all three games for the price of one in Borderlands Legendary Collection then it is an obvious no-brainer.

But how does the open world action role-playing first-person shooter classic hold up on Nintendo’s little wizard of a machine?

Bang for your buck

Borderlands Legendary Collection
All rights Nintendo.

PS Vista owners may have played Borderlands in portable fashion before. But this is a much better, more rounded and jam-packed outing for the hugely popular 2K franchise.

You are getting the original Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and most of the DLC in the Borderlands Legendary Collection. That’s plenty of bang for your buck.

In fact there are over 200 hours of action spread across the three games, which represents amazing value.

Crucially – because I know how much us Switch owners value our precious memory space – the games install separately. That means there is no need to set aside 50GB of precious MicroSD spac. It’s also worth noting that you can buy the original on its own on Switch, and the sequel and Pre-Sequel are also available in a double-pack that can be purchased separately.

All about the sequel

Borderlands Legendary Collection
All rights Nintendo.

The original includes enhancements from its follow-ups, such as the mini-map replacing the compass. But those who know their Borderlands, know it is all about the sequel. And Borderlands 2 is vastly superior in every sense.


From the arsenal of weapons available to you to the improved locations and missions, it is a safe bet to say you will spend most of your time on the second game than the other two, especially with all the DLC.

What that does mean is you have to grin and bear the fingernails down a chalkboard humour that grinds with me so much it does start to impact on the overall experience.

Borderlands Legendary Collection
All rights Nintendo.

The Pre-Sequel features the addition of the oxygen meter as well as huge gravity jumps and downward groundpounds.

Most importantly, the games handle brilliantly on Switch in handheld and on the big screen, too. There are loads of different options, including using the Switch’s gyro controls. But I preferred to play with the Nintendo Pro Pad for the solid and more comfortable grip.

The Switch does Borderlands justice

Borderlands Legendary Collection
All rights Nintendo.

The Switch not only does Borderlands justice, it brings something new to the table entirely.

The shoot-and-loot gameplay is as good as ever and this port stands toe-to-toe with the more powerful consoles.

Many thought Borderlands wasn’t suited to handheld play after the PS Vita – but the Switch’s Legendary Edition dispels that myth and then some.

Rating: 8.5/10

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