Battlefield V lays down arms

Tom Llewellyn April 30, 2020

It appears the WWII shooter is coming to an end.

EA has announced they are ceasing production on new content for its Battlefield V franchise.

In a letter posted on EA’s website, senior producer Ryan McArthur said: “As we look to the future, we will release one more standalone update this summer that brings with it some new content, weapons, and game tweaks.”

Many fans were confused as to whether this meant Dice would no longer continue to work on additional content after the summer update.

Battlefield V’s twitter account then confirmed this in a series of replies to players, one of which read: “There will be no new chapter.”

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The summer update will bring new weapons, game tweaks and a new map (what looks to be an African desert map).

Following this, players will only receive Battlefield Currency or Company Coin as rewards for completing the weekly assignments.

McArthur added: “We’re also planning various weekly initiatives such as the reintroduction of #FridayNightBattlefield servers, where the community can play Battlefield V in a friendly atmosphere.

“Throwback Thursdays, where we’ll look to bring you together across all of our Battlefield titles are in the works, too.

“Thank you all for joining this journey and we look forward to sharing more with you this summer. Having a community of your caliber [sic] is a true privilege.”

End of an era?

EA will continue to work on the much-anticipated Community Games Update, claiming to be “committed to bringing these to the game” despite this major setback in content production.

Understandably, this is very sad news for fans of Battlefield V.

Many are disappointed that they will not be able to experience more Pacific content, the Eastern Front or the Normandy campaign.

However, the majority of the player base doesn’t appear to be surprised by this announcement.

Popular YouTuber and Battlefield veteran, ‘jackfrags’, summarises how most of us are feeling right now about the game: “All the hype for BF5 is gone, and I’m not enjoying playing the game anymore.”

He adds: “It looks like Dice didn’t have enough time and the direction of the game really wasn’t what fans of the series were expecting or longing for.”

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