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Are The Backrooms a real place? This creepy office could be anywhere

Eve Edwards April 11, 2022


The Film Theorists are re-entering that creepy abandoned office as their latest video covers the horrors of The Backrooms.

On 10 April 2022, the Film Theorists shared their latest YouTube video on the ARG which racked up almost 2 million views in just one day after posting. The description calls The Backrooms a “scary found footage series,” which has its own lore and world of monsters.

But what, if anything, about The Backrooms is real? The Focus takes a deep dive into the alternate reality game.

Screenshot: Film Theory: Decoding the Horror of The Backrooms – The Film Theorists YouTube

What are The Backrooms?

The Backrooms originated in a 4chan thread on 12 May 2019 which requested to post “disquieting images that just feel ‘off’.” In amongst all of the unsettling images was the now-infamous image of an empty office space, featuring fluorescent lighting and yellow-tinged walls.

What followed from the thread was the development of The Backrooms. In the thread, one anonymous user explained that the image was taken in “the backrooms,” describing it as an area with 600-million square miles of old, moist carpet, and a poorly wallpapered maze. Oh, and the foreboding sense of something lurking in the unknown space.

The Backrooms were popularised later that year as the story was developed on Creepypasta. You can read the full developed lore on the Creepypasta website. It was developed further, generating interest from The Film Theorists, after Kane Pixels (AKA Kane Parsons) released a short horror film titled The Backrooms (Found Footage).

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Are The Backrooms real?

So, as you may have guessed, the story of The Backrooms is entirely fictional. It was developed from the Reddit thread and has taken off in a typical supernatural lore fashion.

However, you might be curious about that original photo. It must have come from somewhere, right?

While the source of the original image posted on the 4chan channel is still unknown, The Backrooms might feel particularly real because they remind you of some eerie liminal spaces you have encountered before. Chris Frewerd, who posted the original Backrooms story to Reddit’s CreepyPasta thread, explained that they reminded him of “the library in his hometown in Kansas, his old school, and those weird play-areas in the middle of shopping malls.”

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Real or not, this abandoned office will leave you spooked

Despite all of the developments in The Backrooms lore, there are some who are still haunted by the original image. With the ARG game now in action, which features monsters and other spooks, some gamers still maintain the image of The Backrooms is the scariest part:

“I wish the Backrooms didn’t have a silly monster. The location(s) are spooky enough as it is. Things don’t NEED a monster to be spooky. Sometimes a hallway is a monster, and that’s OK,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another concurred: “The Backrooms should be the monster. The space itself is hostile, it doesn’t need a creature running around.”

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