Are Dan and Phil married? Dan Howell and Phil Lester are the creators behind the popular DanAndPhilGAMES YouTube channel. Since Dan released a coming out video in June 2019 titled “Basically I’m gay”, fans have been speculating as to whether or his creative other half, Phil, is also his partner.

Who are Dan Howell and Phil Lester?

Daniel Howell, born in 1991, is famous for his now-defunct YouTube channel Danisnotonfire. He also has another YouTube channel under his own name: Daniel Howell which has a following of over 6 million. Dan is also an author and has presented on Radio 1 with his co-host, Phil Lester.

Phil Lester, born in 1987, is famous for his Youtube channel AmazingPhil, with over 4 million subscribers. He has also presented on BBC Radio 1 alongside Dan and acts as half of the dynamic duo on YouTube that is DanandPhilGAMES, a channel where the two do Let’s plays and game walkthroughs.

Are Dan and Phil married?

Both YouTubers are openly out about their sexuality. You can watch Dan’s last posted video to his YouTube channel below:

Since the release of this video, Dan Howell has been radio silent on almost all of his social media platforms, only keeping his fans updated through his twitter account.

Not long after Dan’s coming out video, Phil also came out on 30 June 2019. only 17 days later.

The two have not been seen together on social media as of late. This is the last video they did together.

The two have fantastic chemistry and Dan has even gone as far as to say, as Tube filter states: “Obviously we were more than friends, but it was more than just romantic,” he says. “We are real best friends, companions through life, actual soulmates — not that souls are a real thing that exist.”

Sounds as though they gave romance a go but decided to be friends.

The New Englander has stated earlier this year that Dan and Phil “still live together in London”, meaning they are hopefully just on hiatus from their YouTube channels and working together during the pandemic. Working and living together can be a bit much for anyone!

Fan speculation

Many Fans have been wondering, “are Dan and Phil married?” and taking to Reddit, Pinterest and YouTube to speculate on their relationship.

People have been shipping the couple for years now and we just want answers! After watching them together, it’s clear they love and care for each other very much. But we still want to know if they are officially a couple or not!

Doesn’t look like we will find out any time soon but, here is a fan made video in the meantime:

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