Alanah Pearce’s illness: Cyberpunk 2077 star's battle with CFS revealed

Kate Fowler September 22, 2020
Alanah Pearce’s illness: Cyberpunk 2077 star's battle with CFS revealed

What illness does Alanah Pearce suffer from? Fans have been talking about the gaming journalist & YouTuber’s NPC appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 and wondering about her health struggles with CFS, which she has mentioned in the past.

CD Projeckt, the company behind Cyberpunk 2077, has revealed the open-world adventure will use both the likeness and voice of Pearce in one of the video game’s storylines – the Nomad Path.

Reportedly an impressive $121 million has been spent on making Cyberpunk 2077, which is set in Night City, whose citizens are obsessed by glamour and body modification.

27-year-old Pearce is a former video games journalist but now makes YouTube videos. She’s Australian but, like most YouTubers, has moved to Los Angeles.

Loved for her no-nonsense attitude to internet trolls, she does more than just name and shame the young boys who send her threats or overly sexual comments – she tells their mum.

But one little known thing remains a mystery to some – Pearce suffers from a chronic illness.

What illness does Alanah Pearce have?

In a YouTube video, Pearce addressed why she took a two-month break from making videos. She revealed she has chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which became worse at the end of 2018.

In the video she blames a bad year and stress from life changes such as moving home for her CFS worsening.

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

CFS is a long-term illness with a variety of symptoms, which is also referred to as ME. According to the NHS site, it’s more common in women and, although it can affect children, often develops between your mid-20s and mid-40s.

The NHS reports the main symptom is extreme tiredness but others include muscle pain, sore throat, irregular heartbeat and flu-like symptoms. There is no test for CFS so doctors can only diagnose it from symptoms.

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov on Unsplash

In her video, Pearce explains her worst day with the illness came when she woke up, hit her head and fainted. When she came to at 3pm, she had no recollection of any conversations she’d had that morning.

She said: “It’s like having a brutal hangover that’s just centred around your head and the idea of standing felt impossible.

“Your whole body aches, your head is vibrating almost, and even lifting an arm is the most difficult thing in the world. You just feel so brutally exhausted from everything all the time.”

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