How to get to the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring and solve mini-quest

Bruno Cooke March 2, 2022
How to get to the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring and solve mini-quest


Since it came out on 25 February 2022, Elden Ring has proved immensely popular – part of which is likely a result of input from Game Of Thrones writer George R R Martin. Here’s how to get to the Abandoned Cave, and how to solve the mini-quest it contains.

Elden Ring’s Abandoned Cave location revealed

Abandoned Cave is one of Elden Ring’s harder-to-find locations. It lies east of the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace, in the red, corrupt environs of the Caelid region.

The exact coordinates are -174,25//141,34.

For a video-based guide on how to get to Elden Ring’s Abandoned Cave, watch this YouTube upload. It shows a player placing a way-marker on the map to assist them in navigating to the Abandoned Cave’s location, and then proceeding to ride their horse to it.

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Elden Ring | Story Trailer

Elden Ring | Story Trailer

How to solve Elden Ring’s Abandoned Cave mini-quest

Users in the Reddit forum r/Eldenring have been crowdsourcing assistance in solving the Abandoned Cave mini-quest. The “rot” appears to be a particular bugbear, for some trying to complete it.

One user suggests consuming Preserving Boluses, which alleviate scarlet rot buildup and cure rot. You can find them in the Shack of the Rotting, in north Called. Here’s a map link. They’re also findable in two other locations: Leyndell Total Capital and Siofra River Well. Check out the Elden Ring Wiki’s entry on Preserving Boluses for more details.

Or, a workable alternative may be to use the “Flame, Cleanse Me” incantation, on which Selphie1999Gaming has a blogpost.

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Source: YouTube [BANDAI NAMCO Europe]

Another user reckons that, “whatever you do, you will get bloodrot”. Although, the Elden Ring Wiki’s walkthrough for the Abandoned Cave says you can dodge the fountain at the start of the cave with backstop dodges.

Either way, the silver lining, according to the user quoted above, is that “the boss is incredibly weak to Zweihander swing”.

How to defeat the Abandoned Cave boss, and what you get as a reward

As written above, players have offered the ease with which you can defeat the Abandoned Cave boss as a silver lining to the mini-quest’s rot and general cloudiness. 

According to the Elden Ring Wiki, there are two bosses: a cleanrot knight wielding a sickle, and a cleanrot knight wielding a spear. Players receive 7,000 runes upon defeating them.

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It also lists, among the equipment, magic and consumables available upon completion of the Abandoned Cave mini-quest, a Gold Scarab Talisman, some Fire Grease, and a Venomous Fang.

Meanwhile, those discussing the cave on Reddit have been excited to learn that there is a Stake (or statue) of Marika. Players can respawn at Stakes of Marika if they die in-game, thereby reducing the inconvenience of travel, but also cutting out the part of the Abandoned Cave plagued by rot.

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