It seems that in one of the biggest transfers of the year, Gareth Bale will be returning to Tottenham from Real Madrid on loan. A move which will lighten up which has been a quiet transfer window, which is understandable.

However, a report in The Sun could have thrown a spanner in the works. The report discloses that Bale might not be able to make his Spurs debut for over a month.

May not make debut for a month

A combination of having to self-isolate for two weeks and international fixtures means that Bale might not feature until Spurs play West Ham on the 17th of October. Bale could be available for the game against Manchester United on the 2nd, but the chances of him featuring in that game after having to self-isolate would likely be zero.

Gareth Bale in training for Wales
Gareth Bale in training for Wales (Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images)

It would be a bit annoying for Spurs if Bale can’t play for them until the middle of October. However, that shouldn’t stop them from going through with the massive transfer.

Spurs need something to kickstart the Jose Mourino era at the club. You have to think that the arrival of Bale, even on loan, will do that.

Fans will be desperate to see player perform

Tottenham fans will be desperate to see the player in action. The only real disappointment is that few fans, if any, will see him play for Spurs this season.

Perhaps by the time Bale makes his Spurs debut a few fans may be able to attend the game. However, that will depend on the Government.

Gareth Bale's Spurs debut could be delayed
Gareth Bale’s Spurs debut could be delayed (Photo by Athena Pictures/Getty Images)

Still, the Bale signing looks set to happen sooner rather than later, and it is one that should excite the entire Premier League. Well, Arsenal fans might not be that enthused.


However, for everyone else, the chance to see if Bale can replicate the form that he showed at times in Madrid and at Spurs in his first spell should be very intriguing.

The proposed wait for Bale’s debut will only add to the excitement that Spurs fans will be feeling about the player’s return. First though, the deal has to be completed. Once it is, then the countdown will begin to Bale’s first appearance.

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