Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta says he and his family have received abuse on social media.

Arteta told his pre-match press conference ahead of the visit of Leeds about the private struggles.

He says he feels he can take it when the abuse is directed at him but it’s a different story when it comes his family’s way.

His comments come after the FA’s open letter to Facebook and Twitter to clamp down on the abuse directed towards many within the game.

“I’d prefer not to [speak about it] but we’re all exposed to that in this industry,” said Arteta when asked if he’s had abuse.

“It happened, the club was aware of it and we tried to do something about it. We have to live with it. It’s not going to stop tomorrow, but medium or long-term can we do something about it? That’s what I am pushing for.


“I’m not the only one who  that is suffering these types of things. When you’re winning, everything is beautiful and you are incredible and you are the best coach, but when you lose it’s completely the opposite.

“It’s not pleasant when they go personal against me, but I can take it. When family is involved, then it’s a different story. We do what we have to do when those things happen. Can we do something about it in the medium to long term?”

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It goes without saying that the abuse towards Arteta and his family is disgusting and has no place in football.

It’s depressing that a flurry of bile just goes with the job of being an elite manager.

And it’s scary when it has an impact on their loved ones, as appears to have been the case with Arteta.

Some Arsenal fans tried to rally around their manager on social media after he made his comments:

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