The penalty awarded against Arsenal which led to the red card for David Luiz has led to much debate.

The laws of the game appear to state that if Luiz had tried to play the ball and fouled Willian Jose, he’d have been shown a yellow card.

But given he was just running back and his knee accidentally clipped the Wolves frontman he was deemed not to be trying to play the ball and got sent off.

There was no sympathy for Luiz from former Premier League referee Keith Hackett in the Telegraph, however.


“Arsenal need to put in a call to referees chief Mike Riley and get him to sit down with David Luiz and explain the laws of the game,” wrote Hackett.

“Once again, the Brazilian has committed a careless foul inside the penalty area, giving the referee no option but to show him a red card. Luiz has committed this blunder several times in his career.


“It is obviously a flaw in his game which he needs to sort out. The irony is Luiz might have avoided his early bath.

“If he had understood the law for denying an opponent a scoring opportunity and had attempted to play the ball then instead of the red card he would have received a yellow.”

‘Careless foul’ feels like a very unfair description of an incident where Luiz is running back into the box and Jose’s leg clips his knee.

Luiz has made blunders in the past but last night wasn’t another example.

Defenders are brought up being told not to dive into reckless challenges in the box when they can’t win the ball.

But now the law is effectively encouraging them to do that which is an issue for all defenders, not just Luiz.

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