Pro footballers Tobin Heath and Christen Press have been in a relationship for some time, according to rumours (with some reports apparently dating as far back as 2015). But what do we know about Christen Press and Tobin Heath’s relationship?

‘Stanning’ for Christen and Tobin

Fans have been “stanning” Christen Press and Tobin Heath for months, if not years. Instagram account @preath23172317 has been posting celebratory pictures of the pair since March 2020.

Meanwhile, a week ago, Twitter user @JulsVal_and_Gal (whose username refers to the “femslash ship” between Amar A Muerte characters Juliana Valdés and Valentina Carvajal) posted a Valentine’s Day photo of Christen Press and Tobin Heath.

But what do we actually know, and what is mere speculation?

What follows are some of the landmark events that fans, “stans” and “ships” alike use to demarcate, and speculate about, Tobin and Christen’s relationship. 

January, 2021: Press and Heath transform Manchester United team mindset

Earlier this year, Manchester United teammate Leah Galton told Louise Taylor of the Guardian newspaper of the transformative effect Christen Press and Tobin Heath had had on their team.

“Christen Press and Tobin Heath have changed minds and our mindset,” Galton said.

While this effect is undoubtedly down to the pair’s style of play, it may also have something to do with more holistic causes.

“They’ve brought a different, much more positive, mentality. They’ve given us belief and the confidence to keep pushing forward, to create and to take more chances.”

Christmas Day, 2020: Christen and Tobin celebrate together

As seen in an Instagram post from 24 December, 2020, Christen and Tobin celebrated Christmas together with a large number of gifts. The caption reads: “Merry Christmas everyone & you’re welcome. 😆”


The post caused waves of celebration among fans, with many assuming that celebrating Christmas together sealed the deal.

October, 2020: Press and Heath break merch records at Manchester United

In October, Heath and Press together joined Manchester United. As a result, the football club’s online store sold six times more women’s team-related products than their previous monthly record.

While sales of merchandise don’t have a direct connection to the pair’s relationship status, it may reveal something about how fans feel about them being together.

April, 2020: BW campaign shoot

Tobin’s Instagram feed consists mainly of football photos, or everyday life photos featuring only her.

However, in April last year, she posted a picture of her and Christen, from a campaign shoot for re—inc – a fashion venture the pair founded together with fellow USWNT champions Megan Rapinoe and Meghan Klingenberg.

2020: Portland quarantine and engagement ring

The pair apparently quarantined together in Portland for a significant portion of 2020. They posted videos of themselves eating together at home during the spring/summer of 2020.

YouTubers Sara and Sarah, among others, noticed what appears to be an engagement ring on Christen Press’s finger. In Sarah’s words, “That ring isn’t going anywhere … it’s here to stay”.

christen press tobin heath
JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – NOVEMBER 10: Christen Press #23 of the U.S. woman’s national soccer team and Tobin Heath #17 react after a goal during the second half against the Costa Rica woman’s national soccer team at TIAA Bank Field on November 10,2019 in Jacksonville, Florida. (Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images)

2019 grassroots soccer tournament

Moreover, although it’s by no means unequivocal evidence of a romantic connection, Reddit user JHulcher cites the pair going to Harare together to participate in a grassroots football event as a possible indicator.

Reddit’s take

Rumours are circulating left, right and centre – Reddit user JHulcher wrote 5 months ago that there was “no doubt in my mind that they are a couple”.

However, as others have pointed out, “they deserve their privacy”, and “They don’t need to come out”.

The two have decided for whatever reason(s) not to confirm their relationship and we should respect that.

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