Where to buy Cardi B's Whipshots: Elevate your dessert game for Xmas

Yasmine Leung December 1, 2021
Where to buy Cardi B's Whipshots: Elevate your dessert game for Xmas
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Cardi B has invented a genius idea just in time for the Christmas feasts: alcoholic whipped cream. Here’s where to buy her Whipshots because they’re bound to fly off the shelves.

We’re sensing that parties this festive season are going to get chaotic a lot quicker.

Cardi B is the latest rapper to start their own brand, but instead of the usual drink, she’s giving us dessert heaven with Whipshots.

Everyone loves a bit of whipped cream, right? Mix that in with some booze and you’ve basically got creamy squeezable alcohol – a very dangerous combination.

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Nightmare Alley | Trailer

Nightmare Alley | Trailer

What is Whipshots?

Cardi B has partnered with Starco Brands to create vodka-infused whipped cream available in vanilla, mocha and caramel. It contains 10% alcohol by volume and comes in three sizes: 50ml, 200ml and 375 ml.

The company is the mastermind behind popcorn seasoning spray Winona Pure; cleaning spray Breathe; and Honu Sunscreen.

Overall, the brand is known for their can and aerosol products, so Whipshots is a very fitting product for the company.

Labelled as “Cardi in a can”, the rapper describes her product as sexy, unique and over the top, just like her.

Best part is that it’s non-dairy and doesn’t require refridgeration like traditional whipped creams.

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Where to buy Whipshots

The bougie and boozy cream drops 1 December 2021 and is available exclusively to those signed up to the mailing list from 12pm EST.

500 cans of each flavour will be dropped each day during December, as announced by the Instagram.

You can join the mailing list on the website by clicking ‘Join the Whip drop‘, though the link is currently not working.

Bardi’s get hyped for whipped cream

If you’re a fan of Cardi B, then you probably love to party, which is why Bardi’s are gearing up for the drop and ready to splash the cash.

Only those age 21 and over are pemitted to purchase, so underage Bardi’s have tweeted hilarious memes to express their frustration.

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