Where to check your Chipotle IQ Test answers, plus extra credit question

Danielle Salt August 23, 2022
Where to check your Chipotle IQ Test answers, plus extra credit question
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Chipotle is back with its BOGO offer and fans are taking part in the famous IQ test. Where can you check your answers?

Chipotle is giving away 100,000 BOGOs daily plus a $500 gift card for every extra credit question answered.

DISCLAIMER: The Focus does not encourage nor condone cheating. This article is for informative purposes only and is not meant to be used as a source of answers to Chipotle’s Brand IQ Test. We are only providing the source to help people check their own answers.

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How to participate in Chipotle’s IQ Test promotion

You can participate in Chipotle’s IQ test by clicking this link here. The test consists of multiple choices and write-in answers.

You will also need to live in the United States and own a mobile phone with a text message plan to claim a prize. Although prizes are limited to one per person, the IQ test allows you to have multiple attempts to win.

You can also get the chance to answer the sweepstake question if you get the first 10 questions right. If these are all deemed correct you will have the chance to win a $500 gift card.

Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer of Chipotle said in a press release that “we’re relaunching Chipotle IQ to recognize our true brand experts. The test has always generated incredible fan engagement, and we’re excited to introduce an entirely new set of questions and an extra credit challenge for 2022.”

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Check your Chipotle IQ Test answers here

There seems to be uncertainty from quiz takers about whether they have answered their questions correctly or not or if there just aren’t any more prizes left.

Luckily, even if they have run out of prizes for the day, you can still enter the $500 sweepstake with the bonus question.

People have now started to post their plans to sites like Reddit which allow quiz users to find out if they got the answers right.

Chipotle extra credit question stumps even hardcore fans

The extra credit question which allows fans to have the chance to win a $500 chipotle gift card seems to be the hardest one and is confusing quiz takers.

The question asks what pepper at chipotle is the spiciest?

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