Where to buy JuneShine hard kombucha in Cody Ko's new 'hippie juice' flavor

Amber Peake August 18, 2022
Where to buy JuneShine hard kombucha in Cody Ko's new 'hippie juice' flavor
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This week YouTuber Cody Ko announced he had launched a hard kombucha drink with beverage brand JuneShine – and fans are curious to know where to buy it.

The 31-year-old online creator announced he had released his own JuneShine drink on social media as he unveiled his new flavor to followers. 

Now fans are wondering where they can track down a can for themselves. Let’s take a look…

Marriage | Trailer – BBC

Marriage | Trailer – BBC

Cody Ko and JuneShine team up for new drink

On Tuesday (August 16), comedian and podcaster Cody Ko revealed to millions of followers across Instagram and Twitter he had released a new beverage with drink brand JuneShine. 

The drink, named Hippie Juice, is a fruity mix of strawberry, lemon, and organic yumberry, which is said to taste similar to pomegranate or cranberry. 

The drink is a part of JuneShine’s Passion Project Series, a line of limited edition flavors inspired by the brand’s owners and ambassadors.

So far, the series has included DJ Diplo and comedian Whitney Cummings. As per a Forbes article in 2021, the line also feature flavors designed by soccer player Ali Krieger, and model and HBO Gossip Girl actor Evan Mock.

JuneShine founded just four years ago

JuneShine is an independent craft brewer that specializes in hard alcoholic kombucha beverages. 

The brand started out in San Diego, California, in 2018 as founders Greg Serrao and Forrest Dein began brewing kombucha from their garage. In 2020, Serrao and Dein were featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 food and drink list.

The initial flavor combo that kicked the brand off was a blend of green tea and honey. Other core flavors include Mango Daydream, Grapefruit Paloma, Honey Ginger Lemon, Acai Berry, Hopical Citrus, Blood Orange Mint, and Midnight Painkiller.

As well as hard kombucha, the brand has also branched out to produce canned cocktails, including rum, vodka and tequila blends.

Where to buy JuneShine

Customers can buy JuneShine beverages online via the brand’s website, which also features a store locator if you prefer to shop in-store.

As explained on the site’s frequently asked questions page, JuneShine brands are currently available for shipping in 43 states, not including Alabama, Delaware, Mississippi, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Utah.

Cody Ko fans can find the link to buy his new Hippie Juice beverage here.

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