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Looking to buy helium beer: Is it even real or for sale anywhere?

Darcy Rafter March 31, 2022
Man drinking pint of beer

Those bored of the classic cling film over the toilet seat April Fools prank are looking for something innovative and new. Helium beer is just that, but is it even real and is it for sale anywhere?

YouTube videos show people downing what looks like a normal pint of beer until they start speaking in a high-pitched voice. Although you won’t find a pint of helium beer down at your local pub, pranksters are keen to know if it is for sale anywhere else.

Fans are flooding in with the questions ‘Where can I get this?’ and ‘Is it even real?’ so let’s answer all of your April Fools queries.

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Man drinking traditional pint of real ale beer.

Gordon Ramsay's Future Food Stars | Trailer | BBC

Is helium beer even real or for sale anywhere?

No, helium beer isn’t real and it is not for sale anywhere.

A YouTube video titled Helium Beer Test was posted on April Fools Day in 2015, and it is still making the rounds. The German YouTubers drink ‘helium beer’ and after the pint, their voice changes as if they inhaled a helium balloon. Those whose hoax meter’s didn’t immediately turn red wanted to know how the trick went down.

However, the video is fake because helium beer Is actually impossible to have. In fact, helium beer is not scientifically possible as Helium is the least soluble gas in beer. Meaning it can’t be carbonated like carbon dioxide and nitrogen can. Therefore, adding liquid helium to beer would make it a block of ice as it turns from liquid to gas.

If you want to know the science behind it all, sound travels faster through less dense gases which means the shorter wavelength creates a higher pitch. This is why inhaling a helium balloon gives you a crazily high voice. The gas is always wanting to escape and that’s why helium balloons deflate quickly. To get enough helium to stay in beer, it would probably explode like the coca-cola mentos hack (another April Fools trick to add to your list).

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April Fools prank ideas for 2022

It’s April 1st tomorrow which means one thing – April Fools Day! If you haven’t thought of an idea already, it’s time to start planning your epic prank.

Text your friend a worrying question then don’t reply, such as; “Do you know what to do if my oven explodes?” Or the most worrying question of them all, “Why would you do this…?”

The best April Fools prank of them all is, “did you know you just posted [insert something embarrassing] on your story?”

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