Where to buy Blue Java bananas, the viral fruit that tastes like ice cream

Molly Young October 25, 2021


Blue bananas are next up on the long list of bazaar foods to go viral online, as Twitter users speculate the legitimacy of this brightly coloured fruit.

While many users continue to debate the fruit’s authenticity, others are simply eager to get their hands on a blue banana. Find out where to buy Blue Java banana trees or grow your own as we explore the price of these trending flowering plants.

What are Blue Java bananas?

Blue Java bananas are gaining a lot of attention online following viral images of the insane-looking fruit.

A Twitter user named @juliaaamm has now reached over 40,000 likes on their post containing photographs of the unordinary fruit.

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Blue Java bananas are known for their vibrant appearance since they begin growing a slightly blue or green colour before they ripen and turn yellow.

Aside from the colour, the bananas themselves are fluffier and creamier than any typical banana and are known as “ice cream bananas”.

The creamy texture and flavour of the fruit is compared to the likes of vanilla custard or soft-serve ice cream, as the leading online garden centre, Fast Growing Trees reports.

Over on TikTok, @ant_crashes_thangs discussed the blue banana, also describing their creamy consistency and flavour as tasting like vanilla ice cream.

According to House Beautiful, you can find these blue bananas growing in Hawaii, Southeast Asia and parts of Central America.

Although the fruit is usually found in tropical climates, they are reportedly somewhat tolerant to the cold weather as long as they receive a decent amount of sunlight. 

Where to buy the viral ice-cream tasting fruit

Eager to try these bananas but unable to travel to their natural climate?

Why not purchase or plant your own Blue Java banana tree?

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The Archive Unboxed | Teaser | Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Archive Unboxed | Teaser | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Fast Growing Trees sell the banana tree for a price of $59.95 (£43.55) with fast shipping.

The site states that the plant is able to thrive indoors or outdoors and fruits as soon as the first few seasons, with tropical growth that’s cold hardy down to 20 degrees.

You can also purchase Blue Java banana seeds, available on Amazon for $20.50 (£14.89).

House Beautiful recommend you also buy fertilizer specially made for banana trees to maintain your plant.

Twitter speculates the banana’s legitimacy

While many people are eager to get their hands on the viral banana plant, others aren’t too sure of the fruit’s realistic nature.

A Twitter user cropped one of the images to highlight the photoshopped colour, implying that the photograph was fake.

Another user who lived in Maui, an island in Hawaii, stated that they had never came across a blue banana.

Some even began mocking the original tweet by editing the colour of their bananas and claiming that they have a different taste.

`@trulyYoirs jokingly claimed that their brightly yellow-coloured banana is referred to as a Yellow Ponchiki banana and tastes like mango.

Others joined in by using other photoshopped foods to imitate the Blue Java tweet.

Let’s clear this confusion up.

@vastharvestpermaculture, a gardening and homesteading TikTok account, shared footage of a live growing Blue Java banana plant.

Although they are not entirely coloured bright blue, the bananas do seem to obtain a slight blue shade.

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