Where to buy BLACKPINK Oreos: Are they available in the US?

Rachael Grealish November 25, 2022
Where to buy BLACKPINK Oreos: Are they available in the US?
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Oreo’s latest collab is with BLACKPINK and fans are dying to know how they can get their hands on them and how to buy them in the US.

Blinks across the globe have shared their excitement about the new sandwich biscuit collaboration with the K-pop band by posting their purchases online.

But most people have been left asking just exactly how they can possibly get their hands on the new product.

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BLACKPINK x Oreo collab explored

The collab is simple: Oreos, but with a BLACKPINK spin. Naturally, this means pink biscuits with a black cream sandwiched in between.

The packaging is, of course, pink with black writing for the special cookie design. On the front, it features a photo of a cookie with a large crown that contains six small packages with the BLACKPINK logo next to the Oreo branding.

There is also a variation of the packaging where it’s black in the background, with pink writing.

Alongside the six small packs of pink and black cookies, the collaboration includes 10 exclusive photo cards, but fans can’t pick and choose as they’re all random. The photo cards are pink in the background and feature images of all the members of the band – Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa.

Fans of the South Korean band – aka Blinks – have been excitedly sharing their purchases of the limited edition cookies on Twitter and Reddit.

One person shared their Oreo purchase on Reddit and a fellow fan commented: “BLACKPINK and Oreos my two favourite things!”

Where to buy BLACKPINK Oreos

The one question on every fan’s mind is where do you buy these cookies? Fans on Reddit have said they seem to be available in Indonesia.

Main Main reported the BLACKPINK Oreos are available to purchase at the Alfamart convenience store found in

Alongside this, the publication said they can also be bought at the online Southeast Asian Shopee, via the online Indonesian company Tokopedia, and online at Lazada.

Where to buy BLACKPINK Oreos in the US?

Fans are demanding the Oreos be available to purchase in the US, even commenting on Reddit that they think Oreos “need” to make it happen as it’s a “great concept.”

“The OG Oreos in the US need to make this a thing ASAP. The black and pink is such a great concept as well,” they wrote.

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One fan asked Oreo directly on Twitter, while others commented they already searched around their local Walmart but had no luck.

They wrote: “I doubt it’ll be here, but wishful thinking. I was at Walmart at the candy section. Didn’t see any of this, unfortunately.”

However, although it seems like they’re not yet available in the US, there is one site that sells a pack of six with a random photo card and the great thing is they can be shipped internationally.

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