Where to buy Big Baba Mixes, the cocktails in a bag TikTokers love

Kim Schewitz December 14, 2022
Where to buy Big Baba Mixes, the cocktails in a bag TikTokers love

Big Baba Mixes, an innovative cocktail-in-a-bag, are blowing up on Tiktok, but where can you buy the delicious-looking drinks?

With cocktail flavors such as Pumpkin Spice Latte, Blueberry Faygo, Cloud Nine, and Strawberry Marg, the creators of these fruity alcoholic concoctions are racking up to 14 million views per TikTok.

The drinks are the invention of one particular restaurant and can only be bought from its store, but that hasn’t stopped people on TikTok from obsessing over them.

We cover what Big Baba mixes are and where you can buy them.

What are Big Baba mixes? 

Big Baba Mixes are ziplock bags filled with the components of a cocktail. The bags are filled with a combination of alcohol – usually spirits – and soft drink mixers, which all mix together to create a unique cocktail experience.

As you can see from the creators’ TikTok, there are countless flavors to choose from and the bags usually contain five to six small bottles inside.

These cocktails are not representative of your average drinks menu, the flavors span from tastes we know and love – apple pie and cotton candy – to more abstract concepts such as Pregame and Hot Girl Sh*t.

The ingredients are poured into a cup and given a shake to create a makeshift cocktail.

Where to buy Big Baba mixes

Unless you live in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, getting hold of a Big Baba Mix will be tricky.

However, if you do find yourself in the area, they can be bought at Family Market in the Oceanview area. The cocktail mixes are part of Big Baba Eats, a takeout spot that puts a Mediterranean spin on classic American dishes.

The restaurant describes itself as ‘hidden’ but clearly has something of a cult following with more than 900 followers on Instagram and a comments section filled with praise.

You can order from Big Baba Eats on Uber Eats, which might make it slightly more accessible, but in terms of Big Baba Mixes, for now it seems the only way to get your hands on them is to visit the store in person.

There is also a liquor store in Houston, Texas, selling cocktails in a bag, which is starting to gain some traction on TikTok.

TikTokers love the creative drink mixes

People on TikTok are literally getting into their cars and driving for miles just to try the drinks they have seen on Big Baba Mixes’s TikTok.

One TikTok user drove all the way from Los Angeles to check out the drinks:

People from all over the globe are loving Big Baba Mixes and commenting on the videos.

One fan wrote: “Wish they did this in NYC!” While another commented: “I’m gonna need these over in New Jersey.”

The cocktails are even gaining traction from different continents, with one fan saying: “We need this in South Africa😭😭” and another adding: “I wish we had this in Australia.”

The little-known history of cocktails in a bag 

DIY cocktails in ziplock bags have reportedly been a cultural phenomenon in San Francisco since around the 1990s. Known originally as cutty bangs, the drink mixes were integral to the hip-hop culture of the Bay Area and were only found at select corner stores in the city, predominantly in Mission and Bayview neighborhoods.

According to SFGate, mentions of the drinks were present in the lyrics of songs by those involved in the hip-hop movement.

Big Baba Mix has a flavor called cutty bang, which is a clear nod to the San Francisco tradition.

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