What was the last entree Chipotle added to their menu? IQ Test drives foodies crazy

Daniel Munro August 23, 2022
What was the last entree Chipotle added to their menu? IQ Test drives foodies crazy
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Chipotle is back once again with its surprisingly difficult IQ test and some fans are stumped by the question about the last entree added to the Chipotle menu.

Fans have been queuing up around the virtual block to take part in Chipotle’s IQ Test, for the chance to win one of 100,000 BOGOF offers.

While the site is now reporting that the BOGOFs have dried up for the day, there are still opportunities to win prizes, but many fans have been stumped by one particular question during their attempts to do so.

DISCLAIMER: The Focus does not encourage nor condone cheating. This article is for informative purposes only and is not meant to be used as a source of answers to Chipotle’s Brand IQ Test.

Last entree added to chipotle menu question explained

The Chipotle IQ Test features a total of ten questions on subjects ranging from sustainability to tomatoes and even contains an extra credit question about spice.

One particularly hard question that appears to be tripping some users up is the question on entrees, which reads:

“Chipotle’s hand-crafted quesadilla is paired with your favorite salsas and sides. This cheesy goodness was the first fully customizable entrée in 17 years. Prior to that, what was the last entrée added to Chipotle’s menu?”

You can have a go at the quiz here.

Last entree added to chipotle menu answer revealed

If you’re still yet to attempt the Chipotle IQ quiz then look away now, spoilers are ahead. The question is multiple choice and the four possible answers are as followed:

  • A: Burrito
  • B: Salad
  • C: Burrito Bowl
  • D: Tacos

So, what did you guess?

Well, the correct answer is actually B: Salad, which Chipotle points out in the quiz has been a staple of their menu since 2004.

The prizes on offer

At the time of writing on Tuesday, August 23, there are no more BOGOF offers to be given away today. However, all is not lost.

Those who are taking on the quiz when BOGOFs are not available still have the chance to win a $500 Chipotle Gift Card – all they have to do is get all ten questions correct, plus the Extra Credit question.

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And don’t worry if you don’t get them all right on your first try, as those who fail to get full marks the first time round can still try again.

Chipotle has also assured quizzers on the opening screen that a “fresh batch” of offers will drop tomorrow, Wednesday, August 24, at 9am PST.

You can read the full Chipotle IQ test rules here.

Where to check your answers

So, you’ve completed the quiz and you want to find out where exactly you went wrong. Or, perhaps, you got full marks and want to see how you rank against other quiz enthusiasts.

Well, the users on the subreddit r/Chipotle have grouped together to compile a list of all the correct answers to this year’s Chipotle IQ test – which you can check out here.

Again, The Focus would like to stress that this article is intended to provide a source for those who have completed the quiz to check how they did.

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