What is Mud Water, the drink, and where can you buy it?

Amber Peake November 3, 2022
What is Mud Water, the drink, and where can you buy it?


Today host Craig Melvin sparked the curiosity of viewers this morning with a drink called Mud Water – but what is it and where can you buy it?

On Thursday (November 3), the Today hosts discussed their coffee intake on air as they reflected on drinking the classic beverage first thing.

During the moment, Melvin revealed how he had taken a break from coffee as he revealed he now drinks a different beverage known as Mud Water.

Following the moment, some viewers are now curious to know what exactly Mud Water is and where they can get their hands on it to try it for themselves. Let’s take a look…

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Today host Craig Melvin admits he’s switched to ‘Mud Water’ over coffee

On Thursday‘s show, Craig Melvin revealed that he no longer drinks coffee as he explained how he has switched out the beloved beverage from his morning routine. 

While chatting to his fellow, Today show hosts Al Rocker, Hoda Kotb, and Savannah Guthrie about their coffee habits, he said he now enjoys a drink known as Mud Water.

Melvin explained that he stopped drinking coffee six months ago due to an issue with his “gut and hormones” but has since started drinking the new drink, which he described as “yummy.”

Following the moment on air, curiosity seems to have sparked online among Today watchers as they wondered what Melvin’s beverage was. One viewer tweeted: “More info on Mug Water/Mud Water (?), please!”

What is a Mud Water drink?

While Melvin didn’t go into specifics about what exactly he was drinking on the Today show this morning, Mud Water is actually a real thing.

Mud Water, better known as Mud\Wtr, is a coffee alternative that is intended to boost the “focus and wakefulness” of drinkers, as per the drink’s website

The alternative is said to contain 1 seventh of the amount of caffeine than an average cup of coffee and, despite its significant difference in caffeine, is still said to result in drinkers feeling “calm, alert, and sharp.” 

It is made from a blend of mushrooms which are all included for their specific benefits. As explained on the Mud\Wtr listing, cordyceps is said to promote natural energy, while Lion’s mane helps with focus.

According to a Vice review, its taste is quite “distinct,” with the reviewer adding that it combines the flavors of “a cinnamon-rich mocha, with a hint of ginger and a very earthy aftertaste.”

The Home Gym described its taste to be similar as it refers to it as “a spicy, unsweetened hot chocolate.”

Where to buy the coffee alternative

For those wanting to try out Mud\Wtr for themselves, you can shop it online and in stores across the US.

The coffee alternative is available online via the Mud\Wtr website here. As per its listing, it is currently on sale for $40 and has free shipping across the US.

You can also locate Mud\Wtr in a shop near you via the store locator on the brand’s website by inputting your city, state or zip code.

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