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What Starlight Coke really tastes like: No, it's not 'space'

Darcy Rafter February 18, 2022
What Starlight Coke really tastes like: No, it's not 'space'

Ever wondered what space tastes like? The advertising for the new Starlight Coke says it’s like tasting space, so let’s discover if it’s true. Coca-Cola Starlight is a limited-edition drink from “Coca-Cola Creations.”

The only hint about the actual taste of Coca-Cola Starlight is a line on the package that says “Space Flavored.” This led fizzy beverage drinkers to become intrigued as to what the drink really tastes like, so let’s find out.

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What does Starlight Coke really taste like?

The bottle has a pink label and a starry background which is in keeping with the astrological theme. Although, the question on everyone’s mind is what does it taste like? Space?

No, Starlight Coke does not taste like space (as far as we know since we haven’t actually tasted space) but it is a lot sweeter than Coca-Cola and has a red hue as opposed to being a dark brown colour. It smells of raspberry bubblegum and tastes a little like Coke mixed with Dr Pepper. Overall it tastes of candy floss and is extremely sweet.

What is Starlight Coke?

During the release, the company explained that Starlight is “inspired by space” and has “notes reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire, as well as a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey to space,”

Coca-Cola could be on to something here, as according to a 2009 article astronomers think that the centre of the galaxy could taste like raspberries and smell like rum. Unfortunately, Starlight Coke doesn’t taste like rum, but it tastes like something even better, candy. Starlight might also be an ode to when Coca-Cola actually sent a can of Coke to space in the 1980s. 

To promote the new Coca-Cola the company has teamed up with pop star Ava Max. Coca-Cola also hinted that they could be holding an augmented reality concert starring Ava Max. This can be viewed either by going to the Coca-Cola Creations website or scanning codes on the labels of Coca-Cola Starlight.

Why was Starlight Coke created?

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey decided to discontinue half of its portfolio a few years ago and instead focused on the bestselling product, Coke. Therefore he created a new platform called Coca-Cola Creations to trial new drinks and flavours. Starlight is the first beverage of the creations to be released.

Coca-Cola Starlight is in US stores now, in both original and zero sugar versions. The drink will only stay in shops for six months as it is limited edition, so stock up on the Starlight while you still can.

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