Want to know how to buy Black Irish, Mariah Carey’s latest splash? We got you

Bruno Cooke August 17, 2021
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Mariah Carey, whose mother had Irish parents and whose father had a black Venezuelan background, has launched Black Irish, a range of Irish liqueurs – naturally, fans of the singer want to know how, and where to buy it. Look no further.

What flavours does Mariah Carey’s Black Irish come in?

Mariah’s foray into boozy entrepreneurialism comes in three flavours: Original, White Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

Not to be confused with Black Irish Apparel, Black Irish Entertainment or Black Irish Branding, Carey’s Black Irish Spirit is apparently “two years in the making”, and officially launched this week.

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It might, however, be confused with Black Irish Spirit, an Irish brand of spirit drink whose signature mixture is whiskey and Irish stout – neither whiskey nor beer, but also both.

How to buy Black Irish, Mariah’s latest splash

Those wanting to know how to buy Mariah’s Black Irish liqueur from within the US need only head over to Fine Cask. They currently have stock of the Original flavour – it’s $25.99 a bottle.

Meanwhile, the White Chocolate flavour is available to buy online via Luxe Life Co for the same price. 

Notable Distinction currently lists the salted caramel flavour as “coming soon”.

All flavours are also available to buy via Total Wine, however. They’re slightly cheaper too, although whether or not a flavour is in stock will likely depend on your specific location.

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What are Mariah Carey’s Irish and black connections?

The liqueur’s name pays tribute to Mariah Carey’s mixed heritage. Her mother, Patricia Hickey, had Irish parents. Carey’s father, Alfred Roy, was of African-American and Afro-Venezuelan lineage.

In her memoir, published last year, Carey writes at length about her biracial identity. Among other things, she talks about feeling like an outsider in both black and white communities.

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Dublin-born photographer Ruth Medjber quipped in response to Carey’s Twitter announcement: “every Irish person right now wondering what fresh hell is this”.

Other Irish people have added their thoughts to the mix, with the general consensus being something along the lines of, “it’s fine because she’s Mariah Carey”.

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