The price of Mike Lindell's MyCoffee will set you back a pretty penny

Danielle Salt August 22, 2022
The price of Mike Lindell's MyCoffee will set you back a pretty penny
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MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s new business venture takes on the world of coffee, as announced at his ongoing Moment Of Truth summit this week. If you’re thinking of buying from his new outfit, MyCoffee, the price may set you back a fair penny.

Lindell lost most of his bedding company in 2021 due to his ongoing support of election fraud conspiracy theories pushed by former president Trump and his allies.

Now he’s back in business with “the best coffee you are ever gonna have in your life”, according to Lindell’s own slogan.

Here’s what you need to know about the price of MyCoffee, existing promotions and where to buy it.

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After MyPillow, MyCoffee: Mike Lindell’s new business venture

In 2004 Lindell founded MyPillow, which marketed an open-cell, poly-foam pillow design. As the company grew their products expanded to include the sale of towels, footwear, clothing and bath products.

However, his pillow empire came crashing down when Lindell began espousing fraud conspiracies during the 2020 presidential election. In December 2021, the disgraced CEO admitted he had spent $25 million in support of the now-debunked claims, and had no intention of stopping.

According to Trump and his allies, the election had been “rigged” and fraud had prevented Trump from gaining a second term. The Senate’s January 6 committee select, tasked with investigating the Capitol attack, has expressed interest in interviewing Lindell.

As a result of the CEO’s involvement with these claims, MyPillow products were removed from Walmart, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, QVC, JCPenney, and Wayfair. Lindell claimed the loss of sales from these big brands would cause at least a 10 million dollar loss on his company MyPillow.

Despite this massive loss to business Lindell just launched a week-long “summit” meant to discuss with the now-debunked theories, where he promoted his newest product, MyCoffee.

The price of Mike Lindell’s MyCoffee will set you back a pretty penny

Despite Lindell claiming he’s bought the Columbian coffee beans behind his recipes at a great price, MyCoffee isn’t cheap!

There are four different roasts to choose from and the coffee can be purchased either in whole bean, ground or coffee pods, depending on what brewing equipment customers have and the kind of brew they prefer.

Originally marketed at the steep price of $49.98 Lindell’s MyCoffee is currently on promotion. Customers can buy a bag on the company website for $24.99 or for as low as $16.24 using a promo code.

The texts mentions those who subscribe can receive an additional 10% off their purchase.

As for where to buy Lindell’s MyCoffee, the products are only available online and is not marketed in any stores at the moment.

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MyCoffee reviews divided between taste and packaging

After the initial announcement, reviews of MyCoffee seemed split between the product’s price (many seemed to find the price too steep to try MyCoffee) and its bizarre packaging, which appears to show Lindell brandishing an American flag on a blue background.

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