Taylor Swift teases 'surprise' but it's not Starbucks collab for Midnights

Eve Edwards October 17, 2022
Taylor Swift teases 'surprise' but it's not Starbucks collab for Midnights
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Ahead of the release of Taylor Swift’s tenth album Midnights, some Swifties are hoping that the singer will collaborate with Starbucks once again.

Planning to stay up until midnight for the release of Swift’s next album? Well, you might need some coffee to help you get there.

The rumor mill has been swirling since the end of summer that Taylor Swift and the iconic coffee house would be bringing another collaboration to light this fall.

Unfortunately for fans of the “All Too Well” singer, Starbucks have confirmed the rumour is entirely false.

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A Starbucks x Taylor Swift collaboration has long been rumored

Back on August 29, 2022, the official Starbucks Twitter account signaled they were bidding summer goodbye as they announced their ‘Fall Fandom’ game. In this tweet, they included a red scarf emoji, which has become associated with Taylor Swift since the release of her Red album. Given that Taylor Swift and Starbucks have collaborated in the past, some fans took this as a sign they would collaborate again this fall.

This rumor was stoked as the official Starbucks Twitter account liked a post questioning whether the emoji suggested a collaboration for Midnights.

The same day, the official Taylor Nation fan Twitter stoked the rumors even further by tweeting “what if it’s a Taylor’s Version Latte?” and adding the hashtag #TSmidnighTS.

Starbucks confirm the collaboration is false

This month has seen a number of speculations that there is a collaboration in the works, but this has proven to be false.

One Twitter user alleged that “Starbucks is offering free drinks for everyone who shows their favorite streaming app playing Midnights by Taylor Swift this October 21st.” Another alleged that if you pre-save Midnights, you can get a free drink from the coffee chain. These claims are false.

However, coffee will definitely be on the menu for anyone hoping to be the first to stream Taylor Swift’s Midnights. The album will be released at 12am EST on Friday, October 21, 2022.

One fan joked in a tweet: “Now would be a good time for another Taylor Swift X Starbucks partnership where she shares a drink that has 50 shots of espresso in it.”

Starbucks has since confirmed to The Focus that there is not a collaboration in the works ahead of Midnights. “This is completely false and in no way associated with Starbucks. The best way customers can confirm a promotion is through our Starbucks app, or by reaching out to our customer care line,” a spokesperson for Starbucks confirmed.

How Starbucks celebrated the release of Red

Back in November 2021, Starbucks joined in celebrating the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) that month.

On Friday, November 12, the same day the album was released, Starbucks celebrated Swift’s favorite drink at the coffee chain, a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte. You could get this exact drink by requesting “Taylor’s Latte” or “Taylor’s Version” at your local Starbucks coffee house. A new exclusive Taylor-inspired Starbucks e-gift card was also made available on the Starbucks website.

This collaboration came as a surprise for some, as Starbucks broke the news of this collaboration directly to social media.

However, many Swifties weren’t surprised by the collab, which had been teased in the weeks prior. Earlier that month, on November 8, Starbucks’s official Twitter account posted “It’s Red Season” with the signature red scarf emoji.

Taylor Swift promises more surprises for the release of Midnights


Mark your calendars! Meet the Midnights Manifest 📜 #tsmidnights #swifttok #midnightsmanifest

♬ original sound – Taylor Swift

In a TikTok video posted on October 17, 2022, Taylor Swift teased that more surprises are in store ahead of Midnights’s release.

The video shows Swift’s schedule over the coming two weeks. In this video, we can see her calendar has a few surprises in store on specific dates. They are as follows (all times in EST):

  • Oct 21 @ 3 am – “Special very chaotic surprise”
  • Oct 21 @ 8 am – Anti-Hero music video premiere and #TSAntiHeroChallenge on YouTube Shorts
  • Oct 25 @ 12 am – “2nd Midnights Music Video release”

There is no mention of an upcoming Starbucks collaboration on this schedule.

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