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'Isn't Sting vegan?' Fans confused by Only Murders turkey scene

Bruno Cooke September 8, 2021
sting vegan
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Episode 4 of Only Murders In The Building, titled The Sting, aired last night on Hulu, featuring Sting, as Sting, resident of Arconia and subject of Oliver’s (Martin Short) suspicions. A scene in which the protagonists bring Sting a whole roasted turkey seems to have sparked curiosity about whether or not he is vegan, vegetarian, or neither.

Is Sting vegan?

Publics may be more interested than ever in what goes into celebrities’ mouths. We have previously written about the vegan (or non-vegan) diets of the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Rodrigo, Cade Cunningham and Ariana Grande.

Sting, 65, real name Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, is one of those public figures for whose dietary choices there is an insatiable public appetite – so, is he vegan? Does he eat meat?

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Vegan Wolf lists Sting among their roster of “Vegetarian Popstars and Musicians”, along with fellow English singers Jeff Beck and Johnny Marr. However, according to other accounts, he puts more of an emphasis on sustainability and holistic health than on cutting out meat entirely.

Sting’s dietary choices have been under the spotlight for some time

Previously, outlets have claimed that Sting eats a “mainly macrobiotic diet” consisting of grains, vegetables, minimal meat and dairy products, and avoiding processed foods.

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In 2017, Herald Scotland wrote that Sting’s diet – supposedly a raw vegan diet – took the challenge of veganism “to the edge of impossibility”. But it does not provide a source for the claim that Sting adhered to a raw vegan diet at the time.

In an interview with his own yoga instructor and friend, Ganga White, Sting spoke at length about his appreciation for yoga, meditation and mindfulness, but does not make any concrete claims about diet. Nevertheless, Rejuvage calls him a “testament to the power of healthy consistency”.

Why are people wondering about whether or not he’s vegan now?

Aside from the general hubbub about Sting’s diet, fans of Only Murders In The Building are especially curious about whether or not he’s vegan following episode 4 of the show.

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Only Murders in the Building | Official Trailer

Only Murders in the Building | Official Trailer

In the episode, Oliver Putnam, one of the trio of protagonists, begins to suspect Sting of poisoning Winnie. He, Charles and Mabel present Sting with a whole roasted turkey and question him about Tim. Tim turns out to be Sting’s stockbroker.

OMITB is far from Sting’s first venture into acting. His first film role, in 1979, was Franc Roddam’s Quadrophenia. He also appeared in David Lynch’s 1984 adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel Dune.

Incidentally, the book got a filmic reboot via Denis Villeneuve this year, which premiered at Venice on 3 September.

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