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How to get Starbucks' spider web cup, and more Halloween 2021 merch

Yasmine Leung September 21, 2021
Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Starbucks are rumoured to drop their line of Halloween 2021 tumblers on September 21, 2021, including the popular spider web cup, so where can you purchase the limited edition merch?

Forget trick or treating and costume parties, Halloween is all about the Starbucks cups. If you’re an avid collector, then you’ve probably got an extensive collection of limited edition tumblers, and there’s no such thing as too many.

This year, the coffee company has brought back the glow-in-the-dark cold cups due to its popularity last year, along with several other new additions.

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Photo by Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Where to purchase Starbucks’ spider web cup 2021

The most sought-after cup this year is the glow-in-dark spider web tumbler; the black cup with glow-in-the-dark webs is unfortunately unavailable on the Starbucks website and can only be found in-store and in Target.

However, combined with a high demand and some Targets releasing them before the official September 21 release, many locations are sold out and are only available via resellers.

Your best bet is to look into every Target and Starbucks location as possible in order to snap them up at retail price of $15 USD.

Ebay and Etsy resellers have marked up the cost significantly, with up to quadruple the original price.

Some resellers are on Instagram too, so you can check them out too. User bostoncharms have their own website, selling many different styles here.

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Other Starbucks merch 2021

If you’re not a fan of glowing spider web tumbler, there’s a less spooky frosted purple venti version.

Starbucks have expanded their glow-in-the-dark collection with a venti black cat cold cup, where the full moon and the beady cat eyes are the glowing feature.

A cup collector on Instagram shared the full Halloween collection at the beginning of September, featuring two hot drink tumblers and a neon pink stud design.

Like the spider web version, all cups can only be found at Starbucks and Targets with the coffee chain inside, as well as resellers.

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