When is Starbucks Red Cup Day 2021? Get your free holiday cup here

Darcy Rafter November 11, 2021
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Coffee addicts are desperate to know when they can get their hands on a free holiday cup, so let’s discover when Starbucks Red Cup Day 2021 is.

Starbucks Red Cup Day is coming up and we all know they are the plug for the coolest reusable cups. Not to forget the brand new holiday season beverages which we cannot wait to try out in them.

The holiday season officially starts when the 2021 Starbucks Red Cups come out and it’s definitely a date to put in your calendar… and no, it’s not time to open your advent calendar yet.

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When is Starbucks Red Cup Day 2021?

Starbucks Red Cup Day is on 18th November in 2021.

Christmas starts at Starbucks on the first week of November when the holiday drinks return, 4th November. The red holiday cups are coming a little later and consumers can’t wait to have their hot holiday beverages in the iconic Starbucks red cup.

The limited-edition reusable Red Cup giveaway is still happening this year as it was confirmed by a Starbucks spokesperson who was not wanting to ruin the Santa-like surprise “We’re not ready to unwrap any additional details yet.”

Another thing that is being kept under wraps is a Taylor Swift x Starbucks collab which is rumoured to be in the works. Wow, it really is as though Christmas has come early.

Since Swift’s newest creation is the Red album, fans have drawn the dots and made a connection between the red cups and the hit album. This speculation has got fans buzzing although nothing has been confirmed by the chain as of yet.

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Get your free holiday cup here

To celebrate the holiday season customers will be gifted with a red reusable holiday cup for free when purchasing a holiday drink.

Initially, it was meant to be November 4th when the holiday drinks were released but there was a delay with the cups and the date sadly got pushed back to the 18th.

Only participating Starbucks in the United States and Canada will have the red cups. For advice on how to get the cup, it would be to get in there fast. The cups are limited, some Starbucks may even run out within 2 hours of opening.

The day we’ve been waiting for all year the offer which only comes once a year on one day, the red Starbucks reusable plastic, grande sized cups we will be using for every hot drink we have.

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