Starbucks Halloween 2022 cups: From glowing tumblers to spooky thermoses

Amber Peake September 14, 2022
Starbucks Halloween 2022 cups: From glowing tumblers to spooky thermoses

Halloween 2022 has started early as Starbucks customers online have spotted the coffeehouse’s new spooky line of cups in stores.

Fall is finally upon us, with Starbucks celebrating the season at the end of last month with an autumnal line that included hot cups, tumblers, and water bottles. 

The Coffee brand have since continued the fall vibes of Halloween as customers have shared their excitement at seeing new festive cups on the shelves in store on social media.

For those who are yet to see Starbucks’ new 2022 Halloween cup offerings, we take a look at the brand’s new festive line. 

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Patton Oswalt: We All Scream | Official Trailer | Netflix

A look at the Starbucks Halloween cups 2022

As per a post on TikTok by a user who said they were a Starbucks employee and were sharing the new line that their store had just received, the collection appears to feature a total of five items. 

The five cups mentioned in the video include two tumbler-style cups, a set of reusable stackable hot drink cups, as well as two other hot drink thermoses.

Out of the two tumbler drinking cups, there is a venti-sized design and a grande. The venti cup is purple and features a spooky tree design that has eyes within its branches. The grande also features a tree-style design but instead has branches stretching across the cup on top of a gradient background from grey to orange to brown.

The reusable hot cups include six different designs which incorporate the tree designs seen on the two tumblers as well as crows. Out of the other two hot thermoses, one is a grande ceramic cup with a lid that features dark purple and white eyes across a lilac background. The other is an orange plastic venti cup which has a crow sitting on a tree branch with purple shadows in the background.

Other videos on TikTok have also seen customers spot a black ceramic mug that features a constellation of stars across it in stores too. 

2022 Halloween line echoes glow-in-the-dark vibes of last year’s collection

Fans of the Starbucks Halloween cups will know that last year’s range included several glow-in-the-dark tumblers, which highlighted the cup’s spooking designs. 

The 2022 range has continued the glowing theme as some of the new cups also feature glow-in-the-dark elements in their patterns and designs.

Four out of the five cups within the 2022 line are glow-in-the-dark, including both the tumblers, the reusable stackable hot cups, and the ceramic hot drink cup. The only one not to feature glowing elements is the orange venti thermos.

Halloween fans are here for Starbucks’ festive drop 

As explained by Good Housekeeping, the Halloween collection was expected in stores this week from Tuesday (September 13). However, a few users on TikTok seem to have shared videos spotting the collection on the shelves in store before this date.

While more users are now posting pictures and videos of the collection in store on social media, many have shared their excitement that the spooky line is here. 

While sharing a snap of the cup they bought from the new Halloween line, one Twitter user shared their restraint at only purchasing one cup:

Another went on to add how they thought all the cups within the Halloween collection were “cute” as they gushed: “I need them all now.”

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