Shoppers predict 2022 'Oreo shortage' amid empty cookie shelves

Amber Peake August 10, 2022
Shoppers predict 2022 'Oreo shortage' amid empty cookie shelves
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Social media users have wondered whether there’s an ‘Oreo shortage’ in 2022 as some claim to have struggled to find the cookie brand in stores.

This week users on Twitter have reported they’re having a hard time finding Oreos at their local stores, prompting some to wonder whether there’s a shortage of the snack. Here’s all we know…

The Menu | Official Trailer

The Menu | Official Trailer

This week users across social media have shared their difficulty in trying to source their fave snack on the shelves of local grocery stores.

Taking to Twitter, some shared photos of store aisles that appear to have limited stock of Oreos compared with other cookie brands. 

Others took to the platform to report they’d faced difficulty finding the cookie brand’s products in-store, prompting some to wonder whether there’s an Oreo shortage.

One user wrote: “Is there some type of Oreo shortage? I had to look at two different stores.”

Another wrote: “There must be a national double stuffed Oreo shortage or something because I just went to three different Walmarts and found none.”

A third user dubbed August “the great shortage of 2022” as they noted the difficulty in finding the original Oreo flavor in stores. 

The Focus has reached out to Mondelēz International, the producer of Oreos, for a comment and is awaiting its response.

Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Cookie fans were warned of possible Oreo shortages last year 

In a Business Insider article in September 2021, the publication stated shortages of snack food staples were “looming” compounded by industrial action by Mondelēz International workers. Mondelēz is the producer behind well-loved brands including Chips Ahoy Ritz Crackers and Oreo. 

The article claimed shortages of Oreos and other snacks manufactured by Mondelēz could be expected. 

According to Eat This, Not This, Mondelēz International chief executive Dirk Van de Put also suggested at the start of 2022 that shoppers may struggle to find Oreos in their local grocery stores “at least until later this year.”

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Prices of Oreo and other Mondelēz International snacks rose in 2022

In November, it was announced US customers could expect prices of many snack brands, including Oreos, to rise due to inflation costs.

CNBC, at the time, reported prices of some Mondelēz International products could rise by up to 7% from the start of 2022. 

The rise was confirmed to have taken effect in January, with Eat This, Not That reporting the company had said another increase could be expected later this year. 

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