Scrumptious avocado pesto pasta is stress-free and only takes 15 minutes

Danielle Salt August 12, 2022
Scrumptious avocado pesto pasta is stress-free and only takes 15 minutes


Avocados may arguably be one of the most popular summer foods with their rich vitamin content and creamy texture but have you tried this pasta recipe with a twist? TikTok is crazy for it.

As the hot weather continues, avocado is a healthy and convenient option for many people.

TikTok users have been going crazy about this recipe for the silky consistency and cheese-like richness of this dairy-free pesto pasta.

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parmesan und Pinienkerne

The avocado pasta recipe that’s conquering TikTok

Popular TikToker Bria Lemirande (@brialem) recently shared an avocado pesto pasta recipe with her 862.7k followers and it quickly went viral. Featuring creamy, summery flavors and the coolest color palette of the moment (bright avocado green and chilli flake red), the recipe took on a life of its own as fans started trying it for themselves.

Bonus points for being dairy-free and suitable for vegans.

Bria Lemirande is a beloved TikToker who rose to online fame creating and posting food content. One of her most popular TikToks features tips for shopping at Trader Joe’s and has more than three million views.

Other versions of Lemirande’s avocado pasta include adding ingredients such as frozen peas and cherry tomatoes for extra flavor.

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How to make it at home in 15 minutes

If you’re following along with @brialem’s recipe for a quick and healthy dinner, you will want to have a food processor or blender on hand.

Separately, get a pot of water simmering– for the pasta – and season with Himalayan pink salt.

Next, place two avocados (halved, shelled and pitted) into your blender or food processor along with a handful each of spinach and basil (don’t forget to wash your produce thoroughly!). Add to that a handful of (vegan if that’s your jam) parmesan and a few cloves of garlic.

Season your besto-pesto with salt and pepper, a squeeze of lemon and a dash of olive oil and blitz, pouring in a cup of the pasta cooking water as you go. The starches in the pasta water will help the sauce emulsify and bind together.

Bria also added a dash of honey for a slightly sweet flavor, but you don’t have to if you’re avoiding sugar or simply prefer a saltier sauce.

After the pasta is cooked to your liking, drain it and toss with the bright-green pesto. At the end, Bria also adds another dash of honey, a sprinkle of parm and some chilli flakes to taste.

More healthy 15-minute dinner recipes

If you’re strapped for time in the evening, but still want to make something healthy for dinner, here are a few more recipes similar to the avocado pasta one above.

15 minute Greek yogurt pasta

The combination of tangy Greek yogurt, garlic, lemon, and chilli flakes creates a creamy, comforting pasta dish that is surprisingly good for you thanks to the yogurt’s high protein and relatively low fat content (compared to heavy cream). It pairs great with salty pecorino romano cheese on a lazy evening.

This recipe comes via popular TikToker Gabriella Quille. She begins by cooking her pasta in salted boiling water before mincing some shallots and sautéing them in extra virgin olive oil until translucent.

Next, she adds a few cloves of garlic and some red pepper flakes, plus a squeeze of lemon juice along a bit of grated lemon zest before scooping in Greek yogurt. Gabriella suggests you take the pan off of the heat for this step to prevent the mixture from curdling. Then add a cup of pasta water and combine.

Placing the pan back on the heat, grate in some parmesan or pecorino romano cheese and melt a pat of butter to emulsify the sauce mixture. Drain the cooked pasta and mix with the creamy yogurt sauce until fully homogenised and serve with a drizzle of olive oil and a bit more cheese for good measure.

After trying the recipe for themselves, one user simply said “it was phenomenal.”

15 minute cherry tomato and white wine rigatoni

This quick pasta recipe packs a double punch, with a combination of sweetness and acidity that makes it perfect for a relaxed weekend lunch, next to a bottle of Spanish wine.

Popularised by Tiktoker GNOCHGNOCH, this looks like a variation on the tried-and-true pasta arrabiata. Start by dicing up an onion and mincing three garlic cloves to create the aromatic base for the sauce.

Toss these in a pan until translucent, then add 250 grams of cherry tomatoes, cut into halves and some chopped up fresh basil. As the tomatoes start to cook down, squeeze in a dollop of tomato puree and a swig of white wine and let the sauce simmer for a few minutes.

In the meantime, start cooking the pasta – GNOCH recommends you use rigatoni. When the tomatoes have blistered in the sauce mixture add two pats of butter and dash of salt and sugar to the pan, and continue to cook down until the sauce is homogeneous and the tomatoes are almost completely broken down. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Lastly, add the cooked rigatoni and a dash of pasta water to the sauce and incorporate. Serve with a bright sprig of fresh basil.

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