Recipe – a vibrant summer salad to counteract comfort eating

Amanda Nicholls May 21, 2020
Recipe – a vibrant summer salad to counteract comfort eating

From 25 May to 7 June, the humble, versatile tomato is being celebrated with its own fortnight. That’s a lot of summer salad days to fill with tommy-based treats but it’s a well-timed move.

Many of us are attempting to knock lock-down comfort eating on the head and embrace fresh, nourishing summer dishes. This salad is a super easy and flexible recipe.

It’s perfect for picnicking and ideal for wolfing down in the garden. It also makes use of what you have in the cupboards and allows for quick substitutions.

IOW tomato summer salad

Serves: Four
Preparation time: 15 minutes


300g Isle of Wight tomatoes, cut into bite-size pieces

200g of any combination of frozen edamame beans, peas or broad beans. Don’t forget to defrost!

400g tin of cannellini beans, chickpeas or any beans you have handy

100g bulgar wheat, cous cous or quinoa, cooked and cooled according to the pack instructions or use a ready-cooked pack

One-quarter of red onion or two shallots, chopped

One lemon

Olive oil

One tsp Dijon mustard

One tsp cumin seeds, toasted

One small bunch of mint, chopped

Salt and pepper

What to do

Combine the tomatoes, beans, peas, grains and onion in a large bowl.

Whisk the juice of the lemon with two tbsp olive oil, the mustard and cumin seeds.

Tip into the bowl and toss everything together. Add the mint, season, toss and serve your summer salad. Enjoy!

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