The plant based diet trend has become mainstream as Brits realise the hippies were right all along. Increasingly more people are searching for vegan and plant based breakfast ideas and alternatives to add colour to their plates and a boost to their health.

Whether your reason for giving up animal produce is grounded in ethics, health or environmental concerns, plant based eaters are part of a swelling tide. Hop on board breakfast lovers.

In the UK alone, the plant based market is worth almost £2 billion. With an annual growth rate of 8%, it is one of the nation’s foremost burgeoning markets. Reportedly, more than two-thirds (70%) of diners will avoid operators that don’t serve a vegetarian option, while almost one-third of Brits identify as ‘flexitarian’. 

Here’s why you should jump on board the plant based breakfast trend bandwagon.

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Avoid processed meat

There’s a wealth of discouraging evidence regarding processed meat. Examples such as cured bacon, sausage and black pudding are often found on breakfast plates. For decades, eating processed meat has been associated with a higher risk of contracting a chronic disease. Here are some links to scientific studies:

Given the risks and strength and consistency of the weight of evidence, surely it’s not worth it? Especially when there are convincing alternatives.

Breakfast connoisseurs up and down the country are using all sorts of vegetables or compounds, doused and marinaded, to emulate the texture and flavour of bacon. Try some of these:

Get more nutrients with the plant based breakfast trend

Any breakfast advertised as ‘plant based’ is likely to contain one or more of the following, with dishes as examples:

Image by Plant based diets promote higher libido 

In other words, you will have better sex afterwards. What’s not to love?

“Plant based foods are heavy in zinc and vitamin B, which can increase libido – bananas, chickpeas and avocados, in particular, are good for this. Going vegan can also increase serotonin levels, which can boost sex drive and increase happiness. Experts also linked serotonin levels with oxytocin levels, the “love hormone” that creates stronger feelings of intimacy and affection.”

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Several foods are known to boost blood circulation. Examples include cayenne pepper, dark chocolate, fruit, leafy greens, sunflower seeds, beet – all of which you may find in a plant based breakfast.

If you’ve seen The Game Changers, you’ve seen the scene. If you haven’t, here’s the link. It may not be a scientific study but it does pose some exciting questions.

Be part of the tide

There’s a reason so many Brits are choosing to cut their meat consumption. It’s so easy to go without – it just means breaking a habit. What’s more, many report feeling healthier and happier as a result of eating a good-quality diet that excludes processed meat.

What’s your go-to big plant based breakfast?

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