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All we know about where to buy PBR's new 1844 pack release

Amber Peake July 2, 2022
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Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images


Pabst Blue Ribbon have announced an 1844 pack of beers, and it is actually set to hit stores across the US. 

It’s not the first time the brand has gone big with its packaging, as fans may remember PBR’s 2021 Independence Day-themed 1776-packs. 

While it was just a packaging stunt at the time, as the 1776 pack did not go on sale, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s 1844 pack will, but only a limited supply. 

Following the announcement, people are understandably curious to know where to buy the PBR 1844 pack. Here’s all we know about where customers can track it down.

Love Island USA | Official Trailer

Love Island USA | Official Trailer

PBR are releasing an 1844 pack of beers

On Thursday (June 30), it was announced Pabst Blue Ribbon are releasing an 1844 pack of beer. 

Yes, you heard that correctly, there will be 1844 cans in the pack, aka more than 76 cases of beer. 

The pack’s cumbersome total of cans represents the year in which the Pabst Brewing Company was founded

PBR has since demonstrated the mighty pack’s size on both Twitter and Instagram, as it was pictured resting on top of four 30-pack boxes: 

Photo Illustration by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

It’s 68 cans bigger than last year’s 1776 pack

In celebration of Independence Day 2021, Pabst Blue Ribbon sized up its packaging to hold 1,776 cans. 

The total of beers reflected the year of the declaration of independence, with the brand even showing it off in a video on its Twitter

However, the 1776 pack was all a stunt as the box was not available for customers to buy. While there were four boxes made, they were received by partners of the brand. 

The recipients included Michigan emo group Hot Mulligan, beer chilling specialists Igloo Coolers, comedian Ali Macofsky and skateboarding podcasters The Nine Club. 

Unlike last year’s pack, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s new 1844 box will actually be hitting stores. 

While the brand made a total of four boxes of the 1776 pack of beer, PBR have expanded this year, by creating a total of 250 of the 1844 packs. 

All we know about where to buy PBR’s 1844 pack 

As explained by VinePair, in a press release circulated by the PBR this week, the limited pack will be distributed nationwide during the summer. 

Forbes has since revealed it will be available in “large retail chains”, “popular PBR bars” as well as “smaller independent liquor stores.” 

While the publication didn’t go into detail on exact stores or locations, there is a store locator on the beer company’s website in which customers can find out where Pabst Blue Ribbon products are sold in a general sense near them. 

There are also a number of locations of PBR bars across the US, including Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Missouri. 

Elsewhere, according to Local Milwaukee news station WTMJ, the brand has suggested if you can’t find the pack at a particular location you can always request it via your local store’s beer buyer. 

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