Old Bay Goldfish: Limited edition snack set to hit stores after selling out online

Shania Wilson May 10, 2022
Old Bay Goldfish: Limited edition snack set to hit stores after selling out online


Goldfish crackers and McCormick’s Old Bay have paired up to create a new limited-edition snack, and they’re hitting shelves sooner than you think.

The Old Bay seasoned Goldfish snack range already made a debut online but, after a successful sellout, they’re coming to a store near you.

So, where might you be able to buy Old Bay Goldfish and how much will the snack cost you? Here’s what we know.

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Goldfish crackers and Old Bay team up

Talk about collaboration of the year.

Goldfish crackers and Old Bay have teamed up to create a limited-edition snack. As reported by NBC, the crackers are spiced with black pepper, paprika, celery salt and red pepper flakes.

“What I find most exciting about this partnership is that once again Goldfish is showing up for our flavour enthusiasts in a big, bold way,” Janda Lukin, chief marketing officer of Campbells Snacks, wrote.

“Old Bay Seasoned Goldfish harnesses the fandom of two iconic brands and brings consumers a new way to experience their favourite zesty flavour on their beloved fish-shaped cracker, just in time for summer.”

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Where to buy Old Bay Goldfish

The limited-edition Old Bay Goldfish snack rolled out on the McCormick website on 9 May but almost immediately sold out.

“We are o-fish-ally sold out of Old Bay Goldfish here at Shop McCormick! But don’t worry – this limited flavour is rolling out to retailers nationwide,” the website states.

It’s unclear whether the range will be back in stock on the website or if shoppers will have to find it on shelves from now on.

McCormick says you should keep checking its website to find out which retailers will stock Old Bay Goldfish as an official list has yet to be provided. However, retail giants Walmart and Whole Foods currently stock Old Bay products, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled.

The snack is set to hit shelves in early May.

As for pricing, Yahoo! Finance reports shoppers can expect to pay a suggested $2.79 for a 6.6oz bag. Prior to the sell-out, the McCormick website sold a twp-pack deal for $5.58.

Goldfish and McCormick have partnered before

The Old Bay Goldfish snack is fresh on the shelves, but did you know Goldfish and McCormick have partnered before?

In 2021, the food giants introduced Frank’s RedHot limited-edition flavoured crackers, which ended up being the fastest-selling cracker launch of summer 2021.

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