With the summer months now upon us, you’ve probably heard of TikTok’s latest trending drink, Mom Water.

The fruity alcoholic water beverage has made waves on the video-sharing platform over the past few months as users share their thoughts. 

Now users are curious to know where to buy Mom Water to try for themselves. Let’s take a look…

What Josiah Saw | Official Trailer

What Josiah Saw | Official Trailer

Fruity vodka drink takes over ‘mom TikTok’

If you’re a part of mom TikTok, you may have come across Mom Water on your TikTok ‘for you’ page.

Over the past few months, users on the video-sharing platform have been posting their thoughts on the fruity alcoholic drink as they try the beverage for the first time.

Mom Water even has its own TikTok page, where the drink brand has amassed a following of almost 40,000 followers.

Interest seems to have sparked once again this month after user @evolvewithanjelica shared their excitement at seeing the drink in the store.

What is Mom Water?

Mom Water is a fruity flavoured vodka-infused water. The concept for the beverage was devised by Indiana couple Bryce and Jill Morrison after a vacation in the Dominican Republic. 

During their travels, Jill acquired a liking for the passion fruit-infused water that was served to her at their hotel. One occasion saw her mix the fruity blend with vodka, and the idea for Mom Water was born. 

On their return to the US, Jill began efforts to recreate the fruit water and vodka blend for herself. After noticing the drink filled a gap in the market, Jill and Bryce launched their business. 

How Mom Water got its name

The now trending beverage got its name as Mom Water creator Jill began sharing her own fruity flavoured vodka-infused water with friends.

At the time, Jill had been putting her fruity vodka water blend into plastic bottles. However, after one of her kids mistakenly picked up a bottle, her husband Bryce suggested she began labelling them “Mom”.

Living up to the brand’s name, the company has continued its vibes through the mom-style names of its flavors.

The four Mom Water flavors are Sandy, which is coconut and mango flavoured, Linda, a blueberry and peach blend, Julie, which has a passion fruit taste, and finally Karen, which is lemon and blueberry.  

Julie was the first flavor to be created and was inspired by the original drink Jill found on her trip to the Dominican Republic.


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Where to buy Mom Water

The fruit water vodka beverage is available to purchase in-store or online. However, it is only currently available in select states across the US. 

You can purchase a pack, a variety pack or individual flavors on the Mom Water website here.

As explained on the site, the packs are only available to ship in the following states: California, District of Columbia, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota and Wyoming. 

The packs are available in-store across the following states: Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, Texas, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Kansas. To find out where Mom Water is in your state, you can use the brand’s store locator. 

This week on the Mom Water Facebook page, the brand confirmed canned drinks are also available now in select Target stores in Indiana, Kentucky and Florida. 

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