McDonald’s is trialing a chicken version of its classic Big Mac burger, with customers curious to know how the two burgers compare calorie-wise.

This week it was announced that the Chicken Big Mac would be trialing in the US after its success in the UK earlier this year.

As the chicken edition of the beloved burger is set to make its debut in the US, some burger lovers’ have wondered how the McDonald’s Chicken Big Mac calories will compare to the classic. Let’s take a look…

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The Chicken Big Mac is coming to the US

Big Mac fans will be able to try a chicken version of the classic burger as it is set to debut in the US.

The fast food company has confirmed that the new burger will be trialed for a limited time later this month (August). At the time of its launch, it will only be available in select locations in the food chain’s locations in the Miami area.

It follows the recent feature of the burger in the food chain’s UK stores. The burger was added to McDonald’s burger menu across its more than 1,300 restaurants in February.

The chicken version was set to be a part of the menu until mid-March. However, as reported by, the Chicken Big Mac sold out just ten days after it launched.

Calories of the Chicken Big Mac burger explored

McDonald’s USA has confirmed the new chicken version is a twist on the beloved Big Mac beef burger as two crispy chicken burgers take the place of the double patties.

While the chicken patties have been swapped in, the burger construction remains the same as it features lettuce, pickles, cheese, and the classic Big Mac sauce, all held together by its triple bun.

The Chicken Big Mac was described to feature the same ingredients upon its release in the UK. The Independent listed it to include cheese, pickles, and lettuce alongside the chicken patties, the famous Big Mac sauce, and a three-layered bun.

As per The Sun, the UK Chicken Big Mac was reported to have been 544 kcal. While the US version of the burger is listed to have the same components as the first UK version, its calorie information has not yet been disclosed.

The Focus has reached out to McDonald’s USA for further information on the calories and nutritional information as the Chicken Big Mac debuts on US menus.

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How does it compare to the classic Big Mac

The Big Mac is a staple across the fast food franchise globally, as the burger features in many countries as well as the US.

The American version of the well-known burger is listed to be 550 calories overall as per McDonald’s USA site. The UK edition is said to be a whopping 57 calories less at 493.

If the US edition of the Chicken Big Mac has the same calories as the UK chicken burger, it would only be six calories less than the American beef patty Big Mac.

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