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Unfortunately, Mayonster is not real, but TikTok can dream

Amber Peake September 2, 2021
mayonster real


While many may be familiar with Heinz’s Mixed By range which combines well-loved condiments to create sauce fusions like Kranch and Mayomust, some have since wondered if Mayonster – which combines Monster Energy and mayonnaise, will be added to the line as it features on TikTok. We explore if Mayonster is real or fake.

Mayonster has TikTok in a frenzy

TikTok user @legbootlegit had some confused on the video-sharing platform yesterday as they posted a video reaching for a bottle of Mayonster – a combination of both mayonnaise and Monster Energy.

The video is seen to have since amassed over 2.3 million views and has over 350,000 likes in less than a day.

Following the post, many have since taken to Twitter as they react to the unique sauce combination:

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Is Mayonster real?

No, the energy drink flavoured mayonnaise is not real. While it has made its rounds recently on TikTok, Mayonster made its debut on the internet in 2019 via an edit by digital creator Doctor Photograph.

At the time, the creator shared a photo holding the fake sauce combination with the caption: “I think Heinz discontinued this flavor because I haven’t been seeing it in stores. Maybe Kyle bought every bottle.”

After the initial post, Mayonster went viral online, with Doctor Photograph having since reflected on its internet fame two years on with their 51,700 followers on Instagram last month.

Looking back on the success of the Monster Energy mayonnaise edit, they wrote: “Before Mayoreo, there was Mayonster. Two years ago, I posted my first ever IRL fake product, and the internet did what the internet does..”

“Parksville, Canada – June 4, 2011. Heinz\’s ever-popular condiments of ketchup, relish, and mustard are sitting on top of a Coleman grill at Rathtrevor Campsite. In the background a group of people are playing volleyball.”
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Doctor Photograph also created a buzz with Mayoreo

Earlier this year, the digital creator also had many puzzled as they shared an edit of another mayonnaise combination, this time with chocolate biscuit brand Oreo.

Doctor Photograph initially posted the Mayoreo edit on 23 June, with many at the time sharing their reactions to the sauce combination on Twitter as some debated whether it was real or fake:

As with Mayonster, the Mayoreo sauce was later found to be fake as some noticed the Doctor Photograph watermark on the top of the bottle’s label.

While Doctor Photograph has become known for their sauce edits, the creator has also altered the labels of books, DVD’s and video games, which can be viewed on their Instagram.

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