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Curious where to buy Lay's Golden Grounds? Prove your football loyalty

Yasmine Leung January 19, 2022
screenshot, YouTube - Lay's

Lay’s recently announced their Golden Grounds chips, made from potatoes grown in soil from NFL home stadiums. No wonder football fans – whether they’re Lay’s enthusiasts or not – are wondering where to buy the limited snack.

Have you ever heard of potatoes grown in NFL football stadium soil?

No, us neither.

Well, Lay’s are going all out in preparation for Superbowl LVI. They’re reportedly returning to the big screen for the first time in 17 years with their advert, and created the exclusive Golden Grounds collection.

The chips will not come in a new flavour; instead, the potatoes have been grown in soil that contains some from NFL team stadiums.

29 teams have offered their “dirt” for the marketing campaign – is your team on the list?

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Wondering where to buy Lay’s Golden Grounds? Here’s some bad news

Unfortunately, Golden Grounds can’t be purchased. Lay’s have clearly stated that they will not be released in-store and can only be won via a sweepstake. No purchase or payment can boost your odds of winning.

Imagine the queues there’d be if you could though.

The overall sweepstakes began on Tuesday, 11 January 2022 and will end on Tuesday, 25 January at 11:59 pm ET.

Participants will need to showcase their dedication to their team – whether it be a photo of their merch collection or reasons why they love their team – via Twitter

Entries can be made via responding to Lay’s tweet about the sweepstake or composing a new tweet with the proof of loyalty and one of the three specific team hashtags.

Check the official Lay’s website for the hashtags here.

The event split into five entry periods:

  1. 11 January (8am ET) – 11 January (11:59pm ET)
  2. 12 January (12am) – 13 January (11:59pm)
  3. 14 January (12am) – 16 January (11:59pm)
  4. 17 January (12am) – 20 January (11:59pm)
  5. 21 January (12am) – 25January (11:59pm)

There’s a limit of one unique entry per person, so don’t try to spam Lay’s or make multiple accounts because you will be at risk of disqualification, according to the limit rules.

A total of 5,800 bags are up for grabs, but since we’re already in entry periods of four and five, there are only 580 prizes left.

Uh oh, someone got the wrong team

Some lucky fans have already received the exclusive snack, though they’re unlucky since it’s not even the team that they tweeted for! It’s happened at least twice.

According to the winner, they tried contacting Lay’s who have yet to respond. Looks like she’s stuck with the Chicago Bears. Any takers?

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